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**I have been sending out emails about the CALENDAR CHALLENGE and still haven’t received a response from many of you.  Please check your email – inbox and junk folder! Please message me here if you haven’t received anything yet.**




SOLE SISTERS – Are you up for some…

A.  INCLINE RUNNING to engage the legs and glutes, and lungs, of course!!!?
B.  BEAUTIFUL SIGHTS and breathtaking scenery?
C.  A GREAT START to your Saturday – which means you’re likely to be happier all day!?

If you answered YES to any one of the above, then JOIN US at the KEY BISCAYNE bridge this Saturday, February 23rd at 6:59 AM.  You won’t regret it!!  We will meet at the start of the bridge in the parking lot.

**If it is raining, please check back here for confirmation to redirect to FIU.**  


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Also, it’s time to RSVP for this Sunday’s 1st EXTRA WORKOUT!!!!!  I’m so excited!
Please RSVP for either 7am or 8am, for Sunday, Feb 24 and bring your A-game!



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OK, so here are some helpful tips for this challenge…

1. First off, WATER – you need to drink lots of it.  Research has shown you need to drink about 2/3 of your body weight in ounces.  I like to either fill my daily quota in a jug or gallon first thing in the morning, or I keep a log of the # of glasses I’ve had on my iPhone throughout the day.  HINT – the best indicator is your urine.  If your pee is dark, you’re not drinking enough H2O!

2. MEAL PREP – there’s no better ingredient for success than PREPARATION! If you don’t have your meals ready to go or at least have an idea of where your meals are coming from ahead of time you will get hungry and resort to eating whatever you can get your hands on!  (TRUST ME!!!) I like to prep for 2-3 days in advance – any more than that and your food is EW! I never reheat chicken – I eat it cold….have you ever tasted reheated chicken? EW! Some good snacks to have ready in your refrigerator…boiled egg whites, portioned cottage cheese, celery/cucumber spears with a bit of a Greek yogurt dip.  Also cut up your veggies so it is easier to prep during the week.

3. CONSTIPATION – you may run into it later on. It’s common when you change your eating habits and increase your protein intake. Just make sure to drink lots of water, and eat your veggies. You may want to switch your rice servings for a sweet potato.

4. If you want to TRACK your FOOD INTAKE, both calories and macronutrients, there are a lot of really cool apps out there… more so, these apps can also give you an idea of how much you have to eat on a daily basis to reach your goal.  For this challenge, I am using Lose It!  We can create a group on there if enough of you want to.  I am also going to create the Facebook group once we have everyone registered.

Sometimes we need a little help to get all the nutrients our body needs.  But which supplement are really necessary?
I will be elaborating more on SUPPLEMENTS over the course of the week…

Have a good night!


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Today is the first day of our GET YOUR BODY CALENDAR-READY Challenge!

This means that today is DAY 1 of many things…

If this is your first challenge with us, this day may represent DAY 1 of the beginning of a new lifestyle.  You are embarking on a health and fitness journey to learn to adhere to better eating habits and more regular exercise.  The hope is that the next 12 weeks become….forever!

Some of you have been waiting for this challenge to buckle down from 2018…and that’s OK.  These challenges are meant to motivate and help us get back on track!  Staying ultra focused and maximally disciplined all the time is not always realistic.

If you are already happily on a life-long journey of health and fitness, you may just need a bit of tweaking with your eating.  Now is the time.

So today we will observe it as DAY 1 of a NEW LEVEL OF DISCIPLINE.  We are in search of how strong we can be, mentally and physically.  We are looking to dig deep and take our motivation and focus to a whole new level…one we didn’t even know existed within us.  Once we find it…then we have to maintain that for at least 90 days!  Are you ready????   Let’s do it!





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Meet us at our favorite FIU spot this SATURDAY, FEB 16!!

Be there at 6:59am, ready to sweat and push through a calorie-scorching, leg- and booty- burning, muscle-building fitness challenge!

A killer workout, guaranteed to leave you feeling accomplished, and pleasantly sore.

(If you are new to FIU and need more info re: meeting spot, comment below.)


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was the song that closed out a beautiful ceremony on Sunday night at the 12th Annual WOFB Banquet and Awards Gala.  It is indeed a wonderful world when you are lucky enough to be surrounded by strong, genuine and motivated women.  It was such an honor to put the evening together for you all.  Thank you to all those who attended – students, their families and WOFB instructors, and made it a night to remember!



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Believe in you!

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  1. I must train my abdominals everyday for them to be defined.


Daily workouts that target or incorporate abdominal and core exercises will help your midsection become stronger, but it will not make your abdominals more visible to the outside world!

As a matter of fact, you can get injured and weaker as a result of overtraining so take care not to overdo it. It should take no more than 20 minutes to get an effective core workout, 2-3 times per week! Just ask Coach Lorraine how often she trains her abs. I guarantee you will be surprised by her answer!

  1. Cardiovascular exercise, such as running, will help me burn fat around my midsection.


Although “cardio” can be effective at burning calories, running alone will not help shed that layer of fat over your tummy! More so, you cannot target where you will lose fat by any means. Fat is burned throughout the entire body, not in one specific area. Sorry to burst your bubble, but you don’t decide where you lose the fat and in which order in it disappears – your genetics do.  What you can control are your diet, your exercise habits  and your dedication.
Running is a great complement to any fitness program, however, you may want to turn to something a little less high-impact if you’re overweight. Your joints don’t need the unnecessary pressure.

Here’s some even better advice: if your main goal is to burn fat, cut out the 2-hour cardio session and instead, opt for a 20-minute session high-intensity interval training. H.I.I.T. is a training method in which low to moderate intensity intervals are interspersed with high intensity intervals.

For example – if you were to go running, either outside or on the treadmill, try sprinting at 85-90% for 30 seconds then walking for 30 seconds.  Keep this sprint/walk ratio for 20 minutes and then let me know how it goes!!

  1. I’ll have to cut out all my carbohydrates to get a 6-pack!


Now building your abs starts in the kitchen with a clean diet. That much is true! And yes, some carbohydrates will have to be omitted from your abs-sculpting meal plan but definitely not all, as some people believe! Carbohydrates are an essential nutrient that your body uses for fuel – knowing which ones to eat and which ones to avoid is one important piece of the puzzle. I prefer to look at it as simple diet modifications. If you tell yourself that something is easy, it will be! ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING!

Cut sodium, cut calories, lower fat, lower sugar, exercise, and drink water. There are still ways to enjoy what you eat using these modifications. You don’t necessarily have to “diet.” You just have to know when you can eat certain foods. Be creative. It works!

Fast-digesting carbs like white bread, sports drinks, and potatoes can initiate an insulin spike that can hinder fat loss. (Consuming those types of carbs is best reserved for post-workout because they’ll aid in recovery.) Instead, get your carbs from sources like fruits, veggies, legumes, brown rice, whole-grain pasta, beans, and oatmeal. When possible, omit lab-created mutant foods with ingredients you need an interpreter to pronounce.

  1. If I do hundreds of sit-ups everyday, I’ll have ripped abs.


I get this a lot….

You can do 200 sit-ups a minute and still wouldn’t have abs. I mean you will have stronger abs, but they won’t be visible under that layer of fat. Exercise doesn’t define the abs. It only makes them more prominent once the fat has been removed from around them.

  1. Certain foods blast belly fat.

(This one is my favorite!)


Foods don’t discriminate by body part.

Some companies will claim that ‘certain foods target belly fat’ because it’s catchy, but don’t fall for this misconception! Yes, there are definitely foods that can help you lose weight, such as fiber-rich dark, leafy vegetables but eating lots of these foods will help you shed fat overall, not just in the stomach region. Again, you can’t target the fat reduction to one specific area.

In the kitchen is where it all starts if you want “ripped” abs!

QUIZ: Whose abs are these???



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SOLE SISTERS – Let’s meet at WILD LIME PARK, 14751 Hammocks Blvd, Miami, FL 33196 at 7 AM, this Saturday, Feb 2nd. It’s a beautiful trail, that leads into the Hammocks Trail in the Kendall area. RSVP here if you plan on joining us. We will dedicate some time to stretching afterwards! It’s a fabulous way to start your Saturday!


In case of rain, we will redirect the workout to FIU. Check for updates.

WHO? Sole Sisters is the name of our running group and any member in our Elite Program is a SOLE SISTER. All you have to do is show up!

 The running group is for anyone who wants to increase their cardiovascular endurance, improve their running form and speed and/or get an extra workout in during the week. It’s a fun way to start your weekend and an opportunity to explore different parts of the city. We run anywhere from 2-6 miles. Everyone runs at their own pace and we meet at the end.

Sole Sisters meet every Saturday morning at 7am.