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January 30, 2014


If you haven’t noticed, I’m not a big fan of running……. unless of course, I’m on an incline –  be it a hill, a bridge or a parking lot ramp!

As most of you know from experience, incline running is a lot harder than running on a flat surface.
For one, hill running increases oxygen consumption considerably.  (I’m sure you’ve discovered this as you are huffing and puffing uncontrollably on your way to the top.)
How much more?  “An athlete running at an easy 10 min/mile pace has an estimated oxygen consumption of 36 mlO2/kg/min, where running the same speed on a 10% grade (a grade of 100% = 45 degree angle) increases oxygen consumption to 50 mlO2/kg/min. That’s almost a 40% increase in energy expenditure!”

Running on a flat surface, requires energy for horizontal work. The extra energy needed to lift the body vertically against gravity accounts for this extra energy expenditure.

Now moving on to the locomotive muscles, the change in slope puts the foot into severe dorsiflexion,

stressing the gastrocnemius, soleus, (calf muscles) and plantar fascia. The trunk also leans forward, placing more stress on the hamstrings, glutes and back extensors.

And that’s only when going up.  Going down is another story…
Running downhill would seem easier, but it requires control.  Your muscles are working eccentrically (the muscles are developing tension and lengthening at the same time) during the “braking”
action by the anterior tibialis (shin muscles) on the lower leg, and the quadriceps on the thigh.  Eccentric muscle actions cause muscle damage and are the cause of post exercise muscle
soreness, a.k.a. that bittersweet pain we crave after each workout.

So there you have it.  I’ll see you at the KEY BISCAYNE bridge Saturday morning at 7am sharp!!

Rima =)

P.S. Get those banquet tickets!

January 29, 2014



Time is running out – we sell out every year and ticket prices go up Feb 9.  IT WILL BE A GREAT TIME AS USUAL!


We have a busy weekend ahead…

Saturday, Feb 1 – SOLE SISTERS
This weekend’s run is at the amazing KEY BISCAYNE bridge at 7am.  Gotta get that incline running in!
If you are joining us for the 1st time and want to ride with someone, please leave me a comment at the bottom.  We can carpool from FFA.  For those who have done this run before, we’ll be meeting at our usual spot!

Extra workout #2 is this Sunday at 7am.  MORE FUN AND SWEAT coming your way!!




Have a great day!  =)

The gang

IMPORTANT – Please read!!

January 28, 2014

Hey ladies!

A while ago, I had a woman comment on the length of our intake questionnaire while she was filling it out to join our program.

I replied to her that it took a lot of time and effort to put it together because it was important for us to gather enough information to allow us to safely and effectively meet our members’ fitness & nutrition goals.

WOMEN ONLY FITNESS BOOTCAMP prides itself on the fact that we take the time to customize our meal plans and scale our workouts to suit women of all fitness levels.  We recognize that each member has different fitness goals – some want to gain more muscle mass, some want to lose fat and others simply want to maintain a level of health.  Although we are all exercising together, in the same room and at the same time, it is still possible for each individual to exercise according to their goals…

If you want to increase your strength and muscle mass – lift heavier weights during the prescribed exercise.
If you want to maintain your muscle mass and strength, and are looking to increase your muscle endurance, stick with light to medium weight and perform as many repetitions as you can.
If you want to lose fat and improve your fitness, faithfully stick to your meal plan and give 100% during the workouts.

YOU WILL NEVER BE FORCED TO LIFT A WEIGHT OR PERFORM AN EXERCISE THAT YOU ARE NOT COMFORTABLE WITH (whether you are injured, not feeling well, not physically ready, etc.).   The workouts are designed to challenge everyone, from beginner to very fit – there’s room for growth for everyone!  If you feel the weight is TOO HEAVY, grab a lighter one.  If you feel the first set was not a challenge, grab a HEAVIER weight or perform MORE/FASTER reps the 2nd time around.

At the end of the day, we’re a team, a family  – no matter what our individual goals are, collectively we all want to be fit & healthy, and we look to each other for accountability, motivation and support to achieve that.


Rima =)




January 23, 2014


SOLE SISTERS – run this Saturday at 7am.  We’ll be meeting at the Tropical Park track for a FUN and challenging workout!  I’m guessing it will be chilly so dress warm but be ready to kick some butt!




SCAVENGER HUNT – extra workout this Sunday at 7am!!  PLEASE RSVP here if you haven’t already on our Facebook page.




BANQUET tickets are on SALE!  Get yours now, we have limited seating.  It will be a fabulous evening as we look back at a memorable year and honor those who worked their butts off in 2013.

The deadline to register for the event is February 3rd… afterward there will be an extra $5 late registration fee per seat for booking late.

To reserve your seats, you can:

  1. Click Here To Order Online
  2. Call us at 305-225-4610
  3. Email with your name, phone # and word ‘BANQUET’ in the subject line


January 17, 2014


SOLE SISTERS –  We’re meeting at the FIU parking garage off 8th St and 109th Ave this Saturday, Jan 18, 2014 @ 7am.  Meet us there promptly if you like to get your sweat on!!



January 15, 2014



Age: 41

Profession: Sales representative for an IT Distributor.

When did you first start training at WOFB and how did you find out about us?
I joined WOFB 3 years ago. I had a few co-workers that were member, but the receptionist from my company was the one that mentioned it.

Tell us about your sports & fitness background:
Before bootcamp I was a gym rat, rain or shine I was at the gym 3 x a week, always doing the same exercises, just keeping track on how I was getting better. I also did 3 years in spinning, I’ve been always active but really didn’t know exactly what I was doing.

Favorite Workout (or type of workout):
Squats and lower body exercises are my favorite. Work the bootay!

Least Favorite Workout:
Burpees for sure!

What sort of changes have you seen in your body, health and overall fitness since starting WOFB?
WOFB has been a complete life changing experience. My body now is way heavier than before yet I am way thinner than before. WOFB has shown me I am so capable of doing things I’ve never dreamed possible, from lifting heavy weights to jogging half marathons. I’ve learned how to eat properly and the real concept of living a healthy life style. I am so grateful to Rima and Lorraine for changing my life and I can’t see myself without bootcamp. I confess I’m addicted!

Marcia, congratulations on being the January 2014 feature!   Your dedication and hard work are exemplary.  Way to kick butt and show all of us women that we can be like fine wine….we CAN get better with age!


BANQUET & extra workouts….

January 13, 2014


The Freestyle Fighting Academy and Women-Only Fitness Bootcamp are very excited to invite everybody to our 13th-year anniversary CELEBRATION & AWARDS BANQUET! The FFA/WOFB Awards Banquet is a yearly tradition and this one also marks our 13-year anniversary! This is a HUGE milestone in our gym’s history!

Previously, we only allowed current students to take part in the annual banquet… but this time we are extending invitations to everyone! If you aren’t a student, this is a great opportunity to get a sneak peek into one of our most proud traditions. For non-students, if you are interested in joining our gym, it is a great way to see what sort of program you will be getting involved in.

And if you are a student, you should consider this a mandatory event – this is by far the most important event we have all year! If you haven’t been to one before, ask a couple of veterans about this event, you really can’t miss out on this! You will leave the event with renewed motivation, more pride about your team, and with a full stomach 🙂

The banquet is being held on Sunday, February 16th, at the elegant Jungle Island in Miami.  We have two separate banquets, one for the members of our Adult Martial Arts & Women’s Bootcamp and a separate banquet for members of our Kids/Teen Program. The Adult Martial Arts & Women’s Bootcamp Banquet will start at 6:00pm and the Kids/Teens Banquet will start at 12pm. The address of Jungle Island is 1111 Parrot Jungle Trail, Miami, Florida 33132.

The event is a formal event, so we ask all men to come in suit & tie and women with formal dress.

The banquet is special because it is the only time during the year that we hand out the promotions for our students. On top of the promotions, we also present special awards like the most dedicated, most improved, best athlete, rookie of the year, M.V.P., etc.  

There will also be a FANTASTIC full course meal by the chefs of Jungle Island and we’ll have a bar as well for the adults.

This event is a non-profit event. The fee to attend covers your plate and rental of the hall. The fee to attend is $34 for each adult and $28 for each child. Feel free to bring any friends or family.

The deadline to register for the event is February 3rd… afterward there will be an extra $5 late registration fee per seat for booking late.

To reserve your seats, you can:

  1. Click Here To Order Online
  2. Call us at 305-225-4610
  3. Email with your name, phone # and word ‘BANQUET’ in the subject line

^^^  MEMORIES FROM LAST  YEAR!  LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Since the banquet is the evening of Sunday, Feb 16, the SCAVENGER HUNT will be moved to the Sunday of the following week, SUNDAY, FEB 23rd.

Jan 26, Feb 2 & Feb 9



January 8, 2014

Hey Ladies!!

Here is the fitness challenge that kicks off our new year….  LET’S HAVE A BLAST WHILE WE GET FIT AND SWEAT OUR BUNS OFF!!



How the SCAVENGER HUNT  works:

1. You will need a team of 2 and you must sign up together.

2. Your team needs a name – get creative.

3. Scoring is based on accumulated points throughout the challenge.

4. Someone from the team needs to carry a phone with a camera and texting capabilities.

5. You and your partner must remain together at all times.

6. A list of tasks and items to be gathered will be handed out at the beginning of challenge. Your team will have 10 minutes to strategize.
(I will drop hints in the daily emails too w/mini daily challenges so you can begin to prepare yourselves!)

7. Points will be awarded for completing tasks, sending a photo to the coaches and bringing back items that are on the list.

8. Photos sent to the coaches will be +5 points each.

9. Items gathered will be +3 points each.

10. Be prepared to run.  Feet are the only acceptable mode of transportation. Bikes, motorcycles, cars, horses, tractors or any other means will mean automatic disqualification.

11.  Be prepared to sweat!  Challenge can take you from an hour and a half to 3 hours to complete – start time is 7am, on Sunday, February 16, 2014!!

Team costume earns you +5 points, BEST COSTUME earns one team an extra +10 points!!!

STAY TUNED FOR MORE!  Registration begins this Friday – see Coach Lorraine to sign up.   Fee is $30 per team.


SOLE SISTERS –  Meet us at the FIU parking garage off 8th St and 109th Ave this Saturday, Jan 11, 2014 @ 7am if you like to sweat and work hard!



January 4, 2014

is where you should meet us tomorrow morning at 6:59am if you want to experience the most scenic and satisfying run!

DAY 2…

January 2, 2014

Hey everyone!

It’s DAY 2 of this beautiful new year and I’m wondering who has taken the time to sit down and…

1. Write down some goals for 2014
(don’t look at them as New Year’s Resolutions!).
2. Evaluate 2013 and see what the highlights were, what can be improved, etc.
3. Update your plan of attack for the goals you already had coming into this new year.


What’s in store for this weekend?

224610_187328001315557_1308128_n SOLE SISTERS – This Saturday, Dec 4 we tackle the beautiful Biscayne Bay bridge at 7am.  If you want to carpool, let me know here, in the comments below, and we can meet at FFA at 6:30am .

yoga-girl-by-sunset-prev     YOGA – This Saturday at 8:45am, we have YOGA with Cara!  You will never know how much yoga can enhance your life until you try it!  Your body will thank you!!  Especially if you are serious about your fitness, you can improve your performance and prevent debilitating injury with an hour of yoga per week!  If you are not registered, you can try out the class for $10/month, NO CONTRACT!




Fitness Scavenger Hunt!  Details coming SOON!

IT WILL BE A BLAST – fun way to kick off 2014!!!!!!