Hey South Florida! Wanna Join Women-Only Fitness Bootcamp? Click Here!

Hello!  Thank you for checking out our website!  This page, bootcampnews.net, is intended for our current members.  If you are interested in joining our program and learning more about our Miami and Davie Women Only Fitness Boot Camps, visit www.WomenOnlyBootcamp.com or give us a call at 1-888-FFA-GYMS (1-888-332-4967).  Thank you!

17 Responses to “Hey South Florida! Wanna Join Women-Only Fitness Bootcamp? Click Here!”

  1. Jessica R Says:

    Hey Bootcamp!! I just want to say that I appreciate the dedication and motivation you continue to give me everytime I train there. I can’t believe I’ve lost all the weight I set out to lose in the initial meeting. THANKS A MILLION!



  2. Lorena Says:


    My name is Lorena and I have a friend that is currently enrolled in your boot camp. She speaks very highly of your program and I would like someone to contact me so I can get some information.

    Thank you,
    Lorena De Cardenas


  3. Katerina Illescas Says:

    Can my mom (Monica Montero) and I do the Sunday class at 8?


  4. Paula Mejia Says:

    The best workout that I ever had!!!


  5. Shelby Gabino Says:

    Hey ladies! I didn’t see my name on any of the lists. I’d really love to do the 7am class on Saturday.


  6. Isadora Says:

    Rima, please sign me up for Sat 7am. Thanks!


  7. Marlen Batista Says:

    Please sign me up for Sat 7am


  8. Mary Lisec Says:

    I am so thankful I signed up for boot camp this year. Loving it!! Mary L:)


  9. Yeney Ramos Says:

    Yeney Ramos is attending challenge.


  10. Mildren illescas Says:

    Want to enroll for Sunday class, for extra workout calendar


  11. Bianca Barrow Says:

    I love bootcamp, I’ve already seen results and it’s only been a month!


  12. Vicky Says:

    Great workout every time!


  13. Lissa L Arroyo Says:

    I love this bootcamp


  14. Leah white Says:

    Sorry I missed the BBQ, hope u all had a blast.


  15. Niki G Says:

    Subscribe me please ❤


  16. Maria G. Says:

    Thank you my friend Teresa, I’m happy that I made a decision to join a great team at Only women Fitness Bootcamp!!!


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