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Let’s meet in the parking lot next to the Tropical Park track at 7am this Saturday, Sept 17.


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There’s never been a greater truth in the fitness industry than this!  If you are not prepared, with a meal plan & workout schedule in hand and meals and snacks ready to go, chances are high that you will fall behind.  As boring as routines and schedules may feel, they are necessary for goal-chasing and productivity.

On that note, here are my favorite tools for meal prepping and eating clean:

c6f9dc34-ecae-4314-9601-ca6f032bd4de1.  Kitchen Scale
You may need a scale to measure the protein & other food amounts assigned on your meal plan if they are not packaged by weight.  Food scales range anywhere from $10-$50 (you don’t need an expensive one), and often come in handy!

2.  Measuring Cup & SpoonsUnknown.jpg
Always good to have a measuring tools around.  You want to leave as little room as possible for error.  



3.  Containers
You need enough containers to store all of your meals.  I recommend prepping 2x a week!  I usually prep for the same day and the following 2 days.  


4.  Cooler 
Be prepared with your meals on-hand every where you go!

5.   Meal Plan
Of course, you will need the most important tool – a plan of what you’ll be eating!!!!  


5.   Water bottle
If you’re like me – ‘out of sight out of mind’, then you need a bottle of water to remind you to stay hydrated!  You can also program a reminder in your phone  – there’s an app for that!
You’ll never believe… it’s called “Drink Water Reminder”.  

The most important part about losing weight/fat is your EATING.  It’s not only the most important aspect, but the the most challenging one as well.  WITH ALL THAT BEING SAID, if meal prepping is not for you, there is still a way to achieve the results you want.    With PLANNING & PREPARATION, you can make healthy eating as easy as possible.  If you don’t have the time or capacity to cook your own meals, you can order them!
We recommend Miami FitBox for all your food needs.
You can order individual meals, or in bulk, by the pound and match your meals up at home.  By using our code WOFB10, you’ll get a 10% discount also.

Whatever you do, STAY FOCUSED and know that what you truly desire is in the palm of YOUR hand!!!!!!

Have a great Wednesday team!


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GOOD MORNING!!! If you’re taking part in the transformation challenge, today is DAY 1.

Or…the first day of implementing new habits to a better you…forever!  More so, Mondays are not to be dreaded!  Embrace this day as a kickstart to living a healthy week and smashing your workouts!!!


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Are you up for the challenge? Losing weight and getting fit are more fun when we go at it together! SIGN-UP for the 2022 “BIGGEST LOSER” Challenge and take your fitness to the next level! See Coach Lo for more detail and to book your appointment for measurements and photos.

The deadline to register is this Saturday, September 10th at 2pm.

The challenge starts Monday, September 12th!


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1. Age: 20

2. Profession: Full-time student at Florida International University

3. When did you first start training at WOFB and how did you find out about us? I first joined WOFB in February of 2021. My mom has been attending since 2019 and she was always trying to get me to join. I ended up coming to one of the “Bring A Friend” weeks and finally made the decision to make this my gym 🙂

4. Tell us about your sports & fitness background: Before WOFB, I danced competitively between the ages of 3 and 18. Most of my days were dedicated to training, specifically in ballet. I stopped dancing after I graduated high school in 2020, and due to COVID I was pretty inactive for about a year.

5. Favorite Exercise (or type of workout): I was not much of a runner before joining the gym, but now I find that it is actually something I look forward to.

6. Least Favorite Exercise: I know everyone always answers with the same response, but I would have to agree and say burpees 😂

7. What sort of changes have you seen in your body, health and overall fitness since starting WOFB? Since starting, I definitely feel like my endurance has improved significantly. With that, my eating habits have changed for the better. I find myself more aware of what I am intaking and see the positive effects it has had on my body. I am forever grateful for the constant motivation and encouragement that my gym family provides me with and can’t wait to continue growing in my fitness journey here at WOFB!

WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU SUSY!!!!!! Your consistency and hard work have not gone unnoticed! Keep it up!!!!


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Have a safe & wonderful long weekend!


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BOOTCAMPERS!!!! This Saturday, September 3rd, let’s meet in scenic Coconut Grove across from Greenstreet Cafe at 7am.


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