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Some changes to WOFB!!

April 27, 2017

We have some changes coming up to Women Only Fitness Bootcamp and they go into affect on June 1st.   Please take a moment to read this email so you can be up to date on the changes.

First of all, WOFB will be moving downstairs to the big room – and there are lots of benefits to the move! 

1) Bigger training space
The new room downstairs is slightly bigger than the elite room upstairs. Furthermore, if needed, we may take down the storage room in the back to make the room even bigger.

2) Easy access to outside
Now the back parking lot would be connected to the main training space – allowing for more exciting outdoor workouts to be smoothly integrated with classes.

3) Easier access to better bathrooms 
We have had a lot of complaints about the public bathroom upstairs (for some reason they never stock normal toilet paper?) – now we have two bathrooms seconds from you, two water fountains, and a locker room.

4) Solid Monkey Bars
Downstairs has an extremely impressive set of rock-solid monkey bars – allowing for all kinds of workouts – especially when ropes, bands, etc. and utilized.

5) Ground Floor = Okay to Drop Weights, Ball Slams, Rope Lifts, etc.
No more complaints from downstairs neighbors and many more potential workouts.

6) Open Gym
Now that WOFB would be part of the 24 Hour umbrella of FFA, one of our staff is always downstairs – so now we can give our ladies the opportunity to come whenever there is no class to lift weights and use the downstairs facility on their own.

7) We’ll be moving the black rubber mats, weights, etc. all downstairs
The downstairs big room will be exclusive to Women Only Fitness Bootcamp.

There will be a few schedule changes that will take affect on June 1st. You can download the new schedule here:

Below are the main changes:

1) Two Bootcamp Elite Classes at 6pm and 7pm are being removed. Current students in those classes can switch to the other slots.

2) Due to popular demand, we are adding a 4:55pm class AND an 8:10pm class. The move downstairs and the schedule changes will not take affect until June 1st. We will remind those ladies in the four classes affected to pick new schedules as we get closer to the transition date.

If you would like to reserve a spot in the 4:55pm class or the 8:10pm class, please reply to this email. For those parents that have kids in our martial arts program, this a great opportunity to hit two birds with one stone and train while your kids are training in the room next door. We’re excited about this change, we feel it is more efficient and offers better perks for our ladies.

Also due to popular demand, we are working on adding another shower to our facility for WOFB, our goal is to have a second shower up before the end of the summer, which would cut the wait time in half for ladies that shower in the morning.

Busy weekend ahead….

April 27, 2017


Saturday’s SOLE SISTERS will be at FIU @ 7am.
OPTIONAL:  If you want to get some extra running in, meet us at FFA @ 6:45am and we will run to our favorite parking garage.

IF YOU ARE MEETING AT FFA, we will be leaving at 6:50am SHARP to get to the staircase by 7am, so please be on time!

***************************************WOFB Kayak Adventure 4-30-17

Looking forward to this Sunday!   To get to the outdoor center, once you turn onto the road off of the causeway (I think it’s called Arthur Lamb Jr Rd.) you have to drive all the way down until you can’t drive anymore.   You can park there at the location for free.

Here’s a screen shot…
Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 7.59.31 PM

Your kayaking fee includes your life jacket as well.

PLEASE BE ON TIME!  So far, we have over 20 people!

See you soon!

Rima A.


And that’s a wrap!

April 24, 2017


Another 90 days of hard work and dedication to bettering ‘YOU’ is in the books!
Yesterday’s photo shoot was a success!  
I want to thank EVERYONE for participating in this challenge.  Whether your effort was small or large, you’re still ahead.  Every step forward counts!
If you feel that you fell short this time around, DON’T SWEAT IT!
You keep trying until you get it!  Sometimes it clicks, and sometimes it doesn’t but you KEEP TRYING!  You keep pushing, because even a little bit of progress is better than no progress.  That’s why we have these challenges a couple of times a year, every year.  


Stay tuned for the next one…


April 20, 2017


I am SO excited about the kayaking trip that is coming up next Sunday, April 30!

Please register ASAP to reserve your spot,

Again, the trip is open to FFA & WOFB, and their families.  I recently inquired about children and there is no age requirement – ALL children are welcome.  Life jackets are available for toddlers and kids.  The fee for the little ones is $10 per child and FREE if they have their own life jackets.

WOFB Kayak Adventure 4-30-17

There is also the option of stand up paddle boarding, which sounds like fun but I would advise against it if you’re inexperienced as you might slow down the kayaking group.

I took a little tour of the area in which we will be exploring and if we’re lucky, we will see some bull sharks, manatees and other interesting sea creatures.




More details to come but know that it will be a blast!  We also reserved the same shelter as last year – the “Skating Rink”.  I will create a Facebook page for this event shortly!




Join us this Saturday, April 22 at 7 AM, as we sweat our buns off running along the beautiful Key Biscayne bridge.  We will meet in the parking lot at the start of the bridge.

Comment below if you need more specific directions.

See you soon!


This weekend…

April 12, 2017


SOLE SISTERS – This Saturday, April 15, we will be running along 97th Ave starting at Flagler.  We meet at the corner of Flagler & 97th @ 7am, in front of Stirrup Elementary school where you can park as well.

I love this run!  It’s just the right amount of running interspersed with enough incline to keep the body sweating, the heart pumping and the legs burning!!  Who’s in?

In case of rain, we will be redirecting to our favorite sheltered outdoor run/workout which is FIU.  



This weekend is also the weekend we do our final measurements and take our AFTER photos for the 90-DAY TRANSFORMATION CHALLENGE.  Please sign up with Coach Lorraine.


Don’t forget to register for KAYAKING!!!  I can’t wait!

Click here to register:

WOFB Kayak Adventure 4-30-17




She won the raffle prize package we had for KIDS DAY!  Thank you to everyone who helped make KIDS DAY possible.  It was a success!!!  Until next year….

Have a great week!





April 7, 2017

This month’s standout is LUISA!


How old are you?  25

What is your occupation?  Pre – vet student, worker.

When did you first start training at WOFB and how did you find out about us?
I started training with you in January 2017. I was tired of doing the same routine everyday at home and my partner Juliana told me about you. She told me that it was an incredible place where I was never going to get bored and even its the perfect place to achieve my goals. She was right!

Tell us about your sports & fitness background:
I love all kinds of sports but my favorite is soccer. In my free time, I used to go to the park three times a week to run a mile, do abs, and squats. Also, I played soccer on Sundays with my friends.

Favorite Workout (or type of workout): My favorite workout certainly is to do squats and I love do crunches.

Least Favorite Workout:  I’ve never liked to focus on lifting weights to tone my arms but I’ve changed my mind since I start in the bootcamp.

What sort of changes have you seen in your body, health and overall fitness since starting WOFB?
I started seeing changes in my body from the second month. My goal is to tone all muscles and today I feel like never before.

Luisa, you’re working hard and it shows!!!  Keep up the good work.  Not only are you looking more fit, but your performance is kicking butt!


April 5, 2017

Hello ladies!

This Sunday, April 9 is our 1st Annual KIDS’ DAY!
For the first time ever, we we want to celebrate KIDS!  We want to show them how much they are appreciated by giving them a day to just have fun!  PLEASE JOIN US!  It’s FREE!  There will be a bounce house, popcorn, snow cones, cotton candy, a petting zoo, martial arts demos, games and more.  We will raffle off our prize pack at 3 PM!

ALL KIDS ARE WELCOME, members and non-members, so tell your friends, neighbors, cousins, employees, etc…

KIDS DAY*************************


We’re looking at Sunday, April 30 at 8:30 AM.

Register here:

WOFB Kayak Adventure 4-30-17

Your WOFB Family!


April 4, 2017


SOLE SISTERS do FIU!  That’s right ladies… we will meet at the usual FIU parking garage at 6:59am and dominate those stairs and ramps.  There will be an extra calorie-scorching surprise this time so don’t miss it!!!





1.  There is another awesome workout this Sunday to close out the extra weekend workouts of our 90-DAY CHALLENGE.  This last workout will be at 7:30AM.  We will
marry the 2 groups and have 1 BIG workout at that time.

The final measurements and “AFTER” photo session will take place Saturday, April 15 between 8-10am.  The FINAL photo shoot is scheduled for Sunday, April 23.


2. KIDS DAY!!!!!!  I can’t wait for this one!  From 1-3pm on Sunday, we are honoring kids… ALL KIDS.  Bring your kids (and your friends’ kids) and  kick off the Spring Break by enjoying a day of fun at our 1st Annual Kids Day.  AND IT’S FREE!  We will have popcorn, bounce house, petting zoo, face painting, balloons, games…

We will also raffle off the SUPER PRIZE PACKAGE VALUED AT OVER $620!

  1. $200 gift card from ATHLETICS FIT, a healthy meals delivery service ($200 will get you 2 weeks worth of meals)
  2. a 6-pack meal prep bag (that looks like purse) from 6-PACK FITNESS valued at $170
  3. $100 gift card from LULULEMON, a high-end athletic apparel company
  4.  Women’s Nike Dri-Fit shirt valued at $40
  5. Fitness Goodies Starter Basket valued at $40
  6. Mani/Pedi gift card from Baby Nails valued at $30
  7. “Inspired Fit” Fitness Hat valued at $25
  8. Wrist Wraps from JUNGLE LIFT
  9. Shaker $10 value (for protein shake or other…)

There is still time to buy tickets for this – they are $5 each or you can buy 4 tickets for $15.  See COACH LORRAINE and purchase your tickets now before the draw this Sunday!

See you soon and keep kicking’ butt!