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It’s been awhile…

March 29, 2017

I miss my bridge run!


SOLE SISTERS, a.k.a WOFBers!  This Saturday, April 1st, meet us at the Key Biscayne bridge at 7am for the most amazing run!!!  Inclines, declines, beautiful scenery, water, sun…. there’s no better way to start off your Saturday.

If you need directions, comment below.  We meet in the parking lot at the start of the bridge after the toll.  See you all there!!



KAYAKING!!! Who’s in?

March 27, 2017


I’m looking to organize a kayaking tour for us ASAP.  I need to know who is interested!!!

Please reply with your name and what day(s) work best for you.  There is also the option to do a night tour and see the full moon up close (7:30 – 10PM) !!


The price will depend on how many of us want to go (usually between $30-$40 per person).   If you have your own kayak, you can use that and it’s even cheaper.  You can also jump into a double kayak with someone else.



Bring your dog…or not!

March 23, 2017




We have a special treat this weekend…

SOLE SISTERS is having a “Bring Your Dog” run this Saturday, March 25th, at Kennedy Park, also known as David T. Kennedy Park (2400 S Bayshore Dr.) in the Coconut Grove area.  We will meet in the parking lot next to the kids playground (also entrance to sailing club) at 7am.  

Of course, bringing your dog is optional.

See you soon!




There is another workout this Sunday, March 26.   Please RSVP for either the 7am or 8am workout!  Let’s make this Sunday’s attendance a record!!

We are into the home stretch…. 1 month away from the photo shoot!!!!!!  Kick it into high gear!

Have a great week,




Another awesome weekend!

March 15, 2017





SOLE SISTERS change up the pace from distance running to stairs and incline sprints!  If you’re not afraid to sweat, JOIN US at 6:59am at FIU in our favorite parking garage.




You’ve spoken and we’ve listened!

That’s right!!!  Girls and boys, get ready to take your fitness to another level on Sunday as Coaches Che, Rima, Lorraine & Edgard put their best efforts forward and challenge you with a CO-ED workout!  Bring your spouses or significant others!

Fee is $10 per person and all proceeds go to fund our KIDS DAY coming up Sunday, April 9.

CO ED Workout-2


March 15, 2017




March 13, 2017


You’ve asked for it and we’re giving it to you… this SUNDAY, MARCH 19 @ 8:30am, we will have our first ever CO-ED workout.  Bring your spouse, your friend or just show up!  Workout is $10 per person and is open to everyone.

Be prepared to sweat!  The workout will be intense and fun.



March 12, 2017

I wanted to close out the list of inspirational women with a bang!  I came across this particular story of amazing triumph that I wanted to save for last!

This woman really epitomizes greatness!  Her story is a must read when you need to just get up & get moving, literally & figuratively!!!

So imagine this….
You are  an African American girl born in the 40’s, a time when racial inequalities and inequities were widespread.  You are born prematurely at 4.5 lbs., the 20th of 22 siblings, to lower working class parents.  At the age of 4, you contract a crippling infantile paralysis caused by the polio virus which twists your leg out of shape and forces you to wear a brace on your left leg and foot for 5 years.  You are drained of much of your physical strength & doctors predict you will be unable to walk correctly without braces, if at all, for the rest of your life.  More so, you contract several more bouts of polio and scarlet fever before you are 12.  What sort of life do you see in your future??

Well I can tell you what WILMA RUDOLPH (1940-1994) envisioned for herself….



She became a high school basketball star, setting state records for scoring.  During a game, her speed and natural athletics caught the eye of a college track & field coach, who immediately recruited her to train with his team.

By the time she was 16, she earned a spot on the U.S. Olympic track and field team and came home from the 1956 Melbourne Games with an Olympic bronze medal in the 4 x 100 m relay to show her high school classmates.

She continued to compete with much success.  Four years later, at the Summer Olympics in 1960,  she brought home 3 Gold Medals for the 100m, 200m, and 400m relay.

She retired from competition at age 22.  She worked as an elementary school teacher, coaching track, and became a sports commentator on national television.

What determination!!!!


VIXEN #3 – Passion defined.

March 10, 2017

#3 – Hawaiian-born soul-surfer, BETHANY HAMILTON (b. 1990)


Ever wonder how it feels to REALLY love something, to feel so passionate about your life’s purpose that you can’t go a day without thinking about it?

This young female EMBODIES that passion….it’s just incredible!   At the age of 13, she lost her arm to a tiger shark doing what she loves to do – surfing!    We’re not just talking a “bite” either….she lost her entire left arm.  She returned to surf with one arm, 26 DAYS after she was attacked and had her arm amputated!  She continued to surf and became a professional surfer winning several competitions throughout her career. WOW….unbelievable courage and determination!  Not even the fear of sharks and potentially losing another arm could keep her out of the water.


Ironically, when she arrived to the hospital the day she was attacked, her father, who was scheduled to have knee surgery that morning, was already there and gave up place in the operating room for his daughter.

Two years ago, Bethany gave birth to a baby boy and competed 3 months after.

Since losing her arm, Bethany’s story has been shared in hundreds of media outlets, to inform and inspire.  She has been recognized with numerous awards, public appearances, and various speaking engagements.

WOMEN ROCK!!!!!  Happy training!!


March 10, 2017


This Saturday, March 11, we will venture into the Coconut Grove area to Kennedy Park, also known as David T. Kennedy Park, located at 2400 S Bayshore Dr.  It’s a very picturesque place to run/walk.  We will meet in the parking lot next to the kids playground (also entrance to sailing club) at 7am.

Perhaps a little healthy breakfast at Greenstreet Cafe afterwards???


In honor of Women’s Week:

#2 – Olympic swimmer DARA TORRES (b. 1967)


At age 41, she was the oldest swimmer to ever compete in the Olympics, competing in the 50-meter freestyle, 4×100-meter medley relay, and 4×100-meter freestyle relay, and winning silver medals in all three events!!!  That photo above is her at 41, eight years ago!!!

She is a twelve-time Olympic medalist, as well as the first and only swimmer from the United States to compete in five Olympic Games (1984, 1988, 1992, 2000 and 2008).

On August 1, 2007, at age 40 (just 15 months after giving birth to her first child), she won gold in the 100-meter freestyle at the U.S. Nationals, her fourteenth national championship.  On August 4, she broke her own American record in the 50-meter freestyle, 26 years after she first set the American record at just 15 years old.  WOW!!  She is also one of few Olympians to win a medal in each of the five Olympics in which she has competed!

Mother, author, model, Olympic athlete, TV show host, Hall of Famer…. Go girl!  (Some of you will be happy to hear that she is half Cuban!  LOL!)




March 9, 2017

Today we celebrate all that makes us unique… our fierceness, our curves, our beauty!

Here’s to you beautiful ladies!


I am declaring it Women’s Week =) and posting about fierce, amazing women who have impacted the world of fitness, some leaving their legacy behind… I will post one woman per day to help inspire us, as well as to encourage us to keep pushing those boundaries!  GIRL POWER!



Some interesting facts about Ms. King (WIKIPEDIA):

1.  In 1971 she became the first woman athlete to win more than one hundred thousand dollars in a single year.

2.  In 1972, she won the women’s singles title at Wimbledon, the U.S. Open, and the French Open.  For this feat, Sports Illustrated magazine named her “Sportswoman of the Year,” and Sports magazine deemed her “Tennis Player of the Year.”

3.  In 1973, King again won Wimbledon’s singles and doubles championships.  It was then that she began to openly criticize the low prize money offered to women competitors. Her statements on this issue led to the offer from a major U.S. drug manufacturer of a large sum of money to make the prize money at the U.S. Open equal for both men and women!!

4.  On November 20, 2007, King was presented with the 2007 Sunday Times Sports Women of the Year Lifetime Achievement award for her contribution to sport both on and off the court.

Ms. King was one of the most influential female tennis players in history.  Through her sport and her foundation, Women’s Sports, she has championed social change and equal rights.  She dedicates her time to the advancement of women and girls through physical activity, and promotes health, fitness, education and social change.