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DAY 17!

January 31, 2018


If looking like you could grace the cover of a swimsuit magazine was easy, we’d all be there.  Truth is, IT’S NOT!  What it all boils down to is HOW BADLY DO YOU WANT IT?  That’s what it’s all about….DESIRE.  Where there’s desire and a will, there’s possiblity.  If you keep this is mind, you’re already a step ahead.  Know that every bite of cake that you refuse or every sip of soda you turn down WILL PAY OFF!!  It just takes time.  Just like you won’t gain 5 lbs overnight, you can’t lose it that fast either.  What’s important is that you’re:



With that being said, let’s get another step closer to our goals and get another Sunday workout in this weekend for all you 12-WEEK TRANSFORMATION CHALLENGERS!  Who’s in?  RSVP here.  Due to popular request, we’ve changed the times of the 2 workouts to 7:30am & 8:30am, respectively.  Which class time suits your Sunday?




This Saturday, Feb 3, SOLE SISTERS will meet at FIU, in our favorite garage at 6:59am!  I absolutely love this workout!  If you want better cardiovascular endurance, stronger legs & glutes, better stamina for stairs and an invigorating way to kick off your Saturday, then JOIN US!  If you need more info on the exact meeting spot, comment below and you will receive an email with detailed instructions.

Looks like we may have another chilly weekend so check the forecast prior and dress accordingly.




January 26, 2018


Here’s an important survival tip when embarking on a self-bettering journey….

PREPARE FOR THE “PUSHERS” (sometimes known as the HATERS)!

There will always be people who try to persuade you to go off your diet “just this once”.  Most of the time, it’s those you see often.  I’m sure you’ve heard it before, “Oh come on, just a little bite; it won’t hurt your diet”, or “Just one little sip, there’s hardly any calories in that!”.  And “just this once” becomes time and time again.  Where do you draw the line??


You either need to distance yourself from these people or have a serious talk with them about your fitness goals & efforts.  YOU NEED TO PUT YOUR FOOT DOWN!  Think about it…why do people want you to see you fail?  They are either jealous of your will power and ambition, disrespectful of your seriousness and efforts and/or unhappy in their own situation.

Peer pressure doesn’t end when you get older, unfortunately; it’s part of life and is ever-present among friends and family….especially those who correlate happiness with food (most of us).  One solution can be to plan non-food activities with loved ones (bowling, the movies, walks) and work hard to resist temptation when you’re in an environment where food is part of the festivities.  It’s ONLY 12 weeks!  Well, almost 10 now.

……and keep this thought in mind….MISERY LOVES COMPANY (and nobody wants to be miserable!).


HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND and see you all on the bridge tomorrow!


January 24, 2018




Do you want to start the weekend with an endorphin rush of good energy?

Do you want to burn 500+ calories while strengthening your heart, butt and legs?
Do you want to exercise in a motivating environment among natural beauty?
Do you want to hang out with the coolest people on the planet?

SO, if you answered YES to any one of these questions, then you have to meet us at the Key Biscayne bridge this Saturday, Jan 27 @ 7am for an amazing workout!!

Whether you like to run, walk or lunge, you will get a great workout with the incline and decline of the Key Biscayne bridge.  If you’ve never used this structure for your fitness (and mental health) needs, then NOW IS THE TIME.  You will get addicted and want to return every weekend!  We meet at the start of the bridge in the parking lot.  See you all soon!


January 24, 2018



January 22, 2018

Losing fat is much like math… one of 3 scenarios can occur when you consume energy, a.k.a. FOOD.

At the end of the day (so to speak), when the energy you consume IS EQUAL to the rate at which it is expended, you maintain your weight.
When the energy you consume SURPASSES the rate at which is expended, you gain weight – your body stores that energy it doesn’t use.
When the energy you consume IS LESS to that at which it is expended, you lose weight….  your body seeks to use the fat you have stored for energy and hence, fat loss occurs.

Now keep in mind that your body’s internal processes such as digestion, concentration, breathing, etc… all require energy.  Generally, 1200 calories per day is the MINIMUM a female adult should eat.

Now having said that, you need to be aware of HOW MUCH you are eating.  Eating clean and healthy is GOOD, but you can still gain weight if you are eating TOO MUCH so beware of your portion sizes.

A general rule of thumb for calorie intake – to lose weight, multiply your weight by 10-12, based on your activity level.  To maintain your weight x 15, and to gain weight x 20.

And remember next time you are having a weak moment:


DAY 7…

January 22, 2018

Entering week #2 – ENJOY THE JOURNEY, remember this is a lifestyle change!


Great first ‘extra’ workout today ladies!!  I had fun.   Let’s enter week #2 stronger than ever.  If your first week wasn’t as good as you were expecting, it’s OK – start fresh RIGHT NOW!

For those who are following the WOFB meal plan, check your emails.  I’ve listed a few other meal options so you don’t get bored of eating the same foods week after week.  I will add 3-4 more meal options every week.

Here’s one of them:


Make your own healthy BREAKFAST EGG MUFFIN cups with whatever veggies you have in your fridge. They’re easy to make & perfect for reheating throughout the week!
  • 2 cups spinach, chopped
  • 1 tomato, chopped
  • ½ cup baby bella mushrooms, diced
  • 1/4 onion, chopped
  • 12 eggs
  • 1/4 cup unsweetened almond milk (or any milk)
  • ½ teaspoon salt
  • Freshly ground black pepper
  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Spray a muffin tin with nonstick cooking spray.
  2. Divide veggie mix evenly between 12 muffins in the tin.
  3. In a large bowl whisk together eggs, almond milk, salt and pepper until well combined.
  4. Fill each muffin about 3/4 way full with egg mixture, pouring over the veggies already in each tin. If using cheese, add 1 tablespoon on top of each egg muffin.
  5. Bake for 20-25 minutes until eggs are set and puff up in the tin. Let muffins cool for a few minutes, then run a butter knife around the edges of each cup and remove. Serves 6 (2 egg cups each).
To meal prep: Make these ahead of time and pack in glass containers with 1/4 an avocado and ½ a cooked sweet potato for a balanced, clean breakfast.


DAY 5 – As we head into the weekend…

January 20, 2018


Life is about perspective…it really is.  If you think the weekend is any different for your body than a Monday or Wednesday, then you will treat is as such.  You will allow yourself to do things you normally wouldn’t do during the week.  So why is that?  ONLY BECAUSE YOU SEE IT AS DIFFERENT!  If you treat every day of the week as the same, then you will adhere to the same rules.  YOU ARE IN CONTROL!  You meal prep during the week, so why wouldn’t you on a Saturday?  I think you get my point!  Remember, ONE cheat meal per week will be allowed to satisfy the cravings and stir up the metabolism a little bit, but it’s only been week 1…the motivation is high, the focus is sharp and we are unbreakable!


See you soon!

Rima A.

DAY 4 – Summer Body in Progress….

January 19, 2018


20070620 (2)

CHALLENGERS, who wants to tighten the buns?  If so, RSVP here for this Sunday’s first full-body extra workout!  You can choose either the 7am or 8am class.




January 18, 2018


I feel great!  How about you?   This challenge seems like a piece of cake so far.  The motivation is high and the support system is top notch =) !  Let’s try to maintain this all the way….
Please join us in posting on our Facebook group page if you have Facebook.   If you need an invite, let me know.  I’ll be starting a mini photo challenge on Monday.

Let’a talk about CHIA SEEDS!


What are they?
“Chia” means strength.  They’re tiny, edible, black and white seeds that come from a plant grown in Mexico.  Folklore has it that the Mayans and Aztecs used to use them as energy boosters….that would make sense since they  contain healthy omega-3 fatty acids, carbohydrates, protein, fiber, antioxidants, and calcium.  Chia seeds are an unprocessed, whole-grain food that can be absorbed by the body as seeds (unlike flaxseeds which is why I always recommend flaxseed oil.)

Approximately 2 tablespoons contains 139 calories, 4 g of protein, 9 g fat, 12 g carbs & 11 g of fiber (plus vitamins and minerals).   They are most often sprinkled on cereal, sauces, vegetables, rice dishes, or yogurt or mixed into smoothies and baked goods.

TRY THIS for your next MEAL…


-2 cups fresh spinach leaves (you can use any greens you like: kale, chard, collard, etc.)  WASHED WELL
-1 cup frozen berries
-1/2 cup plain Greek yogurt
-1/2 banana
-1 tbsp chia seeds
-1/2 scoop vanilla whey protein











Another kicka$$ session at FIU… stairs, incline running and lots of sweating!  So join us this Saturday, Jan 20 – SOLE SISTERS will meet at FIU, in our favorite garage at 6:59am!  I DARE YOU TO TRY THIS!  If you need more info on the exact meeting spot, comment below and you will receive an email with detailed instructions.

Looks like we may have another chilly weekend so check the forecast prior and dress accordingly.


DAY 2 – Wheels are in full motion!

January 17, 2018

OK, so here are some helpful tips for this challenge…

1. First off, WATER – you need to drink lots of it.  Research has shown about 2/3 of your body weight in ounces.  I like to either fill my daily quota in a plastic gallon first thing in the morning, or I keep a log of the # of glasses I’ve had on my iPhone throughout the day. HINT – if your pee is dark, you’re not drinking enough H2O!

2. MEAL PREP – there’s no better ingredient for success than PREPARATION! If you don’t have your meals ready to go or at least have an idea of where your meals are coming from ahead of time, e.g. Miami FitBox, you will get hungry and resort to eating whatever you can get your hands on!  (TRUST ME!!!) I like to prep for 2-3 days in advance – any more than that and your food is EW! I never reheat chicken – I eat it cold….have you ever tasted reheated chicken? EW! Some good snacks to have ready in your refrigerator…boiled egg whites, portioned cottage cheese, celery/cucumber spears.  Also cut up your veggies so it is easier to prep during the week.

3. CONSTIPATION – you may run into it later on. It’s common when you change your eating habits and increase your protein intake. Just make sure to drink lots of water, and eat your veggies. You may want to switch your rice servings for a sweet potato.

4. If you want to TRACK your FOOD INTAKE, there are a lot of really cool apps out there… check out this site
I personally like MyFitnessPal.

Sometimes we need a little help to get all the nutrients our body needs.  But which supplement are really necessary?
I will be elaborating more on SUPPLEMENTS over the course of the week…

Have a good night!