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March 28, 2013 – WEEKEND WARRIORS!

March 28, 2013

Hey Ladies!

Here is the list for this weekend.  Please let me know if you don’t see your name on here!
Also, in regards to the photo contest, not everyone is comfortable exposing their body parts on Facebook, and that’s OK!  It’s still a good idea to participate for your own motivation.  It’s always good to have these pictures to use for comparison later on.


Easter Sunday Burner ….


  1. Karina C
  2. Raquel M
  3. Silvania R
  4. Marie O
  5. Katerina I
  6. Gabby
  7. Linda
  8. Karen
  9. Ann Marie
  10. Viviana A
  11. Cathy M
  12. Gigi
  13. Sara S
  14. Marlen B
  15. Maricela
  16. Lisie
  17. Lili S
  18. Sunilda
  19. Elsy
  20. Jane
  21. Lynn P
  22. Jeniffer V
  23. Jessica A
  24. Adria
  25. Julia M


  1. Miluska
  2. Carlyn
  3. Elsy
  4. Karynna
  5. Vanessa T
  6. Yordana
  7. Cristina C
  8. Lillie S
  9. Red
  10. Sonia R
  11. Marisa H
  12. Janet G
  13. Veyra
  14. Liette R
  15. Isabela
  16. Isadora
  17. Abigail
  18. Kristen M
  19. Rebecca A
  20. Flo
  21. Jenny G
  22. Jesika A
  23. Marcia
  24. Jackie M
  25. Terry
  26. Alexis
  27. Anakiel
  28. Diana C
  29. Michelle HB
  30. Juvi
  31. Ana S
  32. Maily
  33. Patricia B


March 27, 2013 – HUMP DAY MOTIVATION!!!

March 27, 2013



Think you’re too old to get fit?
Think it’s hopeless after childbirth?
Think it’s impossible to lose belly fat and get a six-pack?

This is my friend’s wife, Taunia, from my hometown of Ottawa in Canada.  He posted this picture of her yesterday on Facebook.  The photo on the left is her, pregnant 18 months ago with their 2nd child.  The photo on the the right was taken yesterday.  She just turned 40 years old and is days away from stepping on stage to compete in a fitness event.  IF THIS DOES NOT MOTIVATE YOU TO BELIEVE THAT YOUR FITNESS GOALS ARE WITHIN YOUR REACH, no matter where you are in life, I don’t know what will.

I can probably speak for her when I say that it was probably one of the most challenging experiences.  The dieting alone is tougher than tough… then having to raise 2 kids, one being a newborn, being a wife, getting to the gym on a consistent basis 5-6 times a week….I’m tired just thinking about it all!  BUT IT IS POSSIBLE.  If you want something badly enough, you will find a way.  That’s all there is to it!

CONGRATULATIONS TAUNIA, and no matter what happens in your fitness event, YOU ARE A WINNER & AN INSPIRATION TO ALL WOMEN!




March 26, 2013 – DAY 30…we’re 1/3 of the way there!!

March 27, 2013

YAY!!  Ladies, we CAN DO THIS!

For those I don’t hear from on a regular basis, PLEASE FIND THAT MOTIVATION AGAIN!  Whatever it was that had you so pumped that first week, FIND IT AGAIN!  We are all capable – we just need different triggers.  Take some time to find out what triggers you to get motivated and exploit it!  For me, it’s a fear…  the fear of regret – growing old and never having had that opportunity to really see how far I can take my mind, my body….  I don’t want to feel that 20 years from now.  Thinking about this makes me  want to work hard and stick to my goals.

1.  SOLE SISTERS – This Saturday’s run has been moved up to this coming Thursday.  Details are in yesterday’s post.

2.  Please RSVP for Sunday’s calendar challenge workout with your name and time, either 7am or 8:10am.

3.  PHOTO-A-DAY contest for the 2nd trimester….
1.  You will take a picture of a specific body part EVERY SINGLE MORNING while flexing (see below) – try to keep everything constant such as same angle, same lighting, same place, same time, etc.  Every week, you will compare 2 photos and do this for 4 weeks!

March 27 (tomorrow),
April 3,
April 10,
April 17

March 28,
April 4,
April 11,
April 18

March 29,
April 5,
April 12,
April 19

March 30
April 6,
April 13,
April 20

March 31,
April 7,
April 14,
April 21

April 1,
April 8,
April 15
April 22

April 2,
April 9,
April 16,
April 23

2.  You will post a before and after at the end of every week, for example, tomorrow’s photo will be the ‘before’ and next Wednesday’s photo will be the ‘after’.  Do this every week for the 4 weeks, always using the first photo as the ‘before’ photo for comparison.


Your Bootcamp Crew!

March 25, 2013 – Week 5 in full effect…DAY 29!!

March 26, 2013

Hi Ladies!!

It’s DAY 29!  Almost a 1/3 of the way….  how has it been for you?  I’m sure it’s been challenging – and if so, you are not alone.  I want to clarify something right here and now…

This challenge is supposed to be hard and uncomfortable – and this goes for everyone trying to make a change for a healthier life.  It’s days, weeks and months of working your discipline and flexing that muscle we know as will-power.  That can get tiring.  However, you must keep reminding yourself that it’s only for 12 weeks…and that the reward awaiting you at the finish line is SO worth it.  REMEMBER that if this were easy, the end result would NOT be as satisfying.

This challenge has one main goal from our end…of course, we want you to look good, feel great and be proud of what you can accomplish, but the #1 reason for promoting this contest is to try to get you into the habit of eating well and exercising regularly so that this way of life becomes second-nature to you.

After a short adjustment period, you will discover that it gets easier until eventually your new behaviors become deeply entrenched into your daily routine like grooves in a record.  Your new habits will become as much a part of your daily routine as taking a shower, brushing your teeth or going to work.  Your positive new habits will become a part of your lifestyle.  Just ask Lorraine!  =)

BUT KNOW THAT THE ONLY WAY you’ll ever lose fat and keep it off permanently is to adopt new habits and maintain them for life!  Now that being said, your life will be easier once these 12 weeks are over.



SOLE SISTERS – There has been a slight change in the running schedule for this weekend.  The run which was to be held this Saturday, March 30 has been moved to this Thursday, March 28 @ 6:30pm.  We are meeting at Flagler and 97th Ave.   You can park in front of Ruben Dario School.



Your Bootcamp Crew!

March 21, 2013 – SATURDAY’s WORKOUT!

March 21, 2013

Hey ladies,

Here’s what I have for this Saturday…


  1. Denysse N
  2. Linda L
  3. Julia M
  4. Silvania R
  5. Lillie S
  6. Lili S
  7. Lynn P
  8. Karen M
  9. Raquel M
  10. Vivana A
  11. Gabby R
  12. Betty T
  13. Karina C
  14. Ann Marie O
  15. Marlen B
  16. Jane L
  17. Jessica O
  18. Veyra C
  19. Jesika A
  20. Janet G
  21. Sara S
  22. Yesenia V
  23. Maricela P
  24. Cindy M
  25. Patricia B
  26. Marie O
  27. Jessica A


  1. Jackie MJ
  2. Cathy M
  3. Gigi
  4. Maily
  5. Marcia D
  6. Cristina C
  7. Isadora
  8. Yordana
  9. Karynna
  10. Jackie Gee
  11. Jessica C
  12. Vanessa T
  13. Carlyn T
  14. Flo
  15. Dunia M
  16. Miluska V
  17. Sonia R
  18. Lisette R
  19. Ana S
  20. Marisa H
  21. Roxana M
  22. Cory V
  23. Michelle HB
  24. Mariela L
  25. Isabela P
  26. Anakiel
  27. Jhiny
  28. Rebecca A
  29. Kristen M
  30. Jenny G
  31. Saffira
  32. Elsy

March 19, 2013 – DAY 23….

March 19, 2013

Hello bootcampers!

What’s in store for this week:

Saturday, March 23 – CALENDAR WORKOUT #4;  PLEASE RSVP with your name and time, either 7am or 8:10am.

Sunday, March 24 – SOLE SISTERS run in the Grove.  We’re meeting at Kennedy Park, 2400 S Bayshore Dr. at 7:25am.  PLEASE be on time and park in the lot nearest to Monty’s.  Hope to see you there!!


Calendar challengers, it’s DAY 23…is it getting tough!?  YES.  Will it be worth it?  YES.  Is it normal to fall off the wagon?!  YES!

I’ve posted this video several times before but in case you haven’t seen it, here is some motivation.



OK, let’s keep that discipline on HIGH!  We can do this!  Mid way photos are coming up soon!



March 16, 2013 – EXTRA WORKOUT!!

March 16, 2013



  1. Marlen
  2. Gabby
  3. Silvania
  4. Sara
  5. Yesenia
  6. Linda
  7. Karina C
  8. Viviana A
  9. Cristina C
  10. Marie O
  11. Ann Marie O
  12. Denysse
  13. Monica M
  14. Maricela
  15. Lili S
  16. Jane
  17. Katerina


  1. Marla B
  2. Elsy
  3. Marisa H
  4. Jesika A
  5. Roxana
  6. Sonia R
  7. Anakiel
  8. Marcia
  9. Mildren
  10. Flo
  11. Miluska
  12. Jessica C
  13. Michelle HB
  14. Lisette
  15. Karynna
  16. Jackie Moussa
  17. Gigi
  18. Cathy
  19. Vivian G
  20. Patricia M
  21. Patricia B
  22. Niki G
  23. Betsy D
  24. Gladys
  25. Cindy
  26. Sunilda
  27. Jeniffer V
  28. Isadora

March 13, 2013 – DAY #17!!

March 13, 2013



What’s the body to do when it can’t find its main source of fuel??

1.  When you deprive your body of carbohydrates, the body looks to protein for energy.  What does this mean?  Well, a few things…. For one, you have less nutrition for your muscles…(you won’t get that ‘muscle fullness’ look).  Secondly, there is less protein for more important functions, such as making new cells, tissues, enzymes, hormones, antibodies and the regulation of fluid balance.

2.  When glucose is lacking, fats and proteins cannot be metabolized properly.  In other words, protein doesn’t get to your muscles as efficiently and fat burning is not happening the way it should.  When carbs are not available, there is an incomplete breakdown of fat that produces a by-product called ketones.  These ketones accumulate in the blood and in the urine causing ketosis, which is an abnormal state. Ketosis causes a decrease in appetite because it’s one of the body’s defense mechanisms. It’s an advantage to someone in a famine (which the body thinks it’s experiencing) to not have an appetite because the search for food would be a waste of time and require additional energy.  SAD =( .  Being in a state of ketosis causes nausea, headaches, dizziness, fatigue, bad breath, and dehydration.

3.  Fruit and vegetables contain a lot of water that our body uses to stay hydrated.  Because of dehydration and a lack of fiber, constipation can result.

4.  Exercise and fitness performance is reduced on a low-carb diet. Do not be surprised if your energy level is so low that you cannot make it through your normal workout routine. More so, your risk of injury and muscle cramping is high!

5.  And remember yesterday I mentioned that your brain’s only food source is glucose….well guess what?  On a low-carb diet, you can’t think, you can’t concentrate, your memory sucks and then you get irritable!  That’s right, you get nasty and your patience starts to wane…. AT THAT POINT, YOU’RE NO FUN TO BE AROUND!!  And who wants that, right?

So one example of what I consider to be a perfect meal looks like this:

-1 chicken breast
-3/4 cup brown rice
-2 small slices of avocado

Of course, the portions will vary based on your size, your weight and your energy requirements.  But you get the point!

Next, we will explore the gluten-free world!


This weekend we have our SOLE SISTERS run on Saturday @ 7:30am (we’ll be meeting at FFA)  and our extra CHALLENGE workout #3 on Sunday.  RSVP for your extra workout with your full name and time – either 7am or 8:10am.  See you soon!!




March 12, 2013 – LET’S TALK ABOUT CARBS!

March 12, 2013

There are so many different diet trends out there….which ones really work?  And if they are effective, at what price?

It’s true – a carbohydrate-rich diet can inflate your appetite and consequently, your girth.   And yes, low carb diets do promote weight loss, but it’s short term and the results do not come without potentially serious long term health effects.  So what is one to do??  The truth is, you can have your carbs, you just have to choose them wisely!

I will try to explain this in a nutshell…

CARBOHYDRATES are your body’s ideal source for fuel during most functions – breathing, thinking, pooping…  Here’s an interesting fact for you – your brain depends exclusively on glucose (and oxygen, of course!) to function!  During digestion, all carbs are broken down into glucose where insulin helps it enter the bloodstream for use.  Some excess carbs are stored in your liver as glycogen for future use, BUT if you ingest TOO MUCH of it, what the liver can’t house is stored as fat….you know, those lovely back rolls, yup!

NOW some people will argue that a carb is a carb – I beg to differ.  ALL CARBS ARE NOT EQUAL.  Just like soy protein is not equal to whey protein, an apple does not equate to a lollipop in my books.

GOING OFF ON A TANGENT HERE…..Weight loss is all math, so sure, you can lose weight by simply counting calories…for example, if your daily caloric intake is 1300 to lose weight, you can have one meal ALL DAY worth 1300 calories from McDonald’s say (an easy feat), and you will lose weight.  BUT is losing weight really what we should be caring about???  How about losing fat?  Have you ever heard of the term SKINNY FAT?  Enough said!

Ok, back to what I was saying….ALL carbs are different in the way they are received by our bodies, so there’s more than just math for staying healthy…you need math and science.

There are basically 3 types of carbohydrates:

  1. Simple carbohydrates, sugar, candy, honey, soft drinks, etc, AND FRUIT, are composed of 1 or 2 sugar units that are broken down and digested quickly.Recent research has shown that certain simple carbohydrate foods can cause extreme surges in blood sugar levels, which also increases insulin release. This can elevate appetite and the risk of excess fat storage.  Certain fruit behave this way, but they also offer valuable vitamins, minerals, water and fiber.
  2. Complex carbohydrates (also referred to as starch) are made up of many sugar units and are found in both natural (brown rice) and refined (white bread) form. They are structurally more complex and take longer to be broken down and digested.Complex carbohydrate foods have been shown to enter the blood stream gradually and trigger only a moderate rise in insulin levels, which stabilizes appetite and results in fewer carbohydrates that are stored as fat. Unrefined or ‘whole grain’ carbohydrates found in products like brown rice, whole wheat pasta and bran cereals are digested slowly. They contain vitamins, minerals and fiber which promote health.  Fiber and nutrient-rich vegetables, fruits and beans which are carbohydrates also have many important functions for the body and are important for good health.  Now in this category, there is also debate as to how valuable grains and legumes really are, since they are processed and contain gluten, a protein composite that is not tolerated by people with celiac disease – not EVERYONE.  So the debate on gluten-free diets continues.  Some people feel going gluten-free is a way to boost health and energy, lose weight, or cope better with ADHD, autism, headaches, and other conditions.  We’ll get to that later, in another blog.
  3. Indigestible carbohydrates are also called fiber. The body is unable to breakdown fiber into small enough units for absorption. It is therefore not an energy source for the body but does promote health in many other ways…ahem, if you know what I mean.

So there you have it….after reading this, what carb would you opt for if you were running a 26.2 mile race??  What about if you were running the 100 meter dash??   Ok, I hope I got my point across.

NOW following an extremely low-carbohydrate diet is disastrous, dangerous, and above all—boring! Carbohydrates are NOT the enemy. Including the appropriate amounts and types of carbohydrate-rich foods in your diet is essential for long-term health and weight loss/maintenance.

In tomorrow’s email, I will talk about how the body reacts to low-carb diets and why they can be dangerous.  I will describe my idea of a good nutrition program and post the workout times so you can RSVP!

Be strong and DON’T BELIEVE IN QUIT!




March 8, 2013
**Some of you requested to be switched from 7am to 8:10am but unfortunately I have no room.  I can take 1 more at 7am.


  1. Shelby G
  2. Gladys Betty T
  3. Viviana A
  4. Ann Marie O
  5. Linda L
  6. Terry V
  7. Cindy M
  8. Cristina C
  9. Gabby R
  10. Marie O
  11. Karen M
  12. Jessica A
  13. Dora S
  14. Lilian S
  15. Betsy D
  16. Yadelene
  17. Karina C
  18. Jane L
  19. Lynn P
  20. Lillie S
  21. Katerina I
  22. Elsy
  23. Sunilda
  24. Veyra
  25. Janet G
  26. Sonia C
  27. Silvania R
  28. Patricia B
  29. Cory V
  30. Jesika A
  31. Sara S


  1. Yordana
  2. Carlyn T
  3. Vanessa T
  4. Jackie Gee
  5. Jackie M-J
  6. Barbara B
  7. Lisette R
  8. Diana S
  9. Gigi
  10. Cathy M
  11. Jessica C
  12. Marcia D
  13. Isabela P
  14. Anakiel
  15. Jenny G
  16. Kristen M
  17. Denysse N
  18. Mariela L
  19. Yeney R
  20. Jhinela
  21. Karynna V
  22. Lisie R
  23. Rossana B
  24. Maily
  25. Marla B
  26. Abigail
  27. Mildren I
  28. Ana S
  29. Julia M
  30. Yesenia V
  31. Roxana M
  32. Rina S