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July 17, 2019

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July 11, 2019


July 10, 2019



This Saturday, July 13th, we’re taking our running feet to TROPICAL PARK!
Join us at the entrance of the track at 6:59am.  Parking at the track is free and is accessed quicker from the Bird Rd. entrance.

Bring your water, your sunscreen and your A game!!!!


July 9, 2019



July 8, 2019



1.  Age: 27

2.  Profession: Manager for

3.  When did you first start training at WOFB and how did you find out about us? I first started training about 6 years ago, with my sister Michelle after we saw an ad online. I took about a 3 year break, and I came back because I couldn’t find any program that matched this one.

4.  Tell us about your sports & fitness background: I’ve always been into sports, I did softball and dance when I was younger. I didn’t actually start lifting weights until i joined WOFB. 

5.  Favorite Exercise (or type of workout): Legs all day baby!

6.  Least Favorite Exercise: anything with jumping – these knees started to give out !

7.  What sort of changes have you seen in your body, health and overall fitness since starting WOFB?

So after training for a couple years here at WOFB it finally clicked. At first, it was all about losing weight and being skinnier but my mental health improved tremendously, and I can say I am really confident. WOFB has changed my life! It has turned me into the confident woman I never thought I could be. I used to hate what I looked like and I’ve always struggled with weight issues and being the “bigger girl” I always used to get teased. Now I am not afraid to look strong, I now shine with confidence when I wear a bathing suit or a crop top. I now walk into the weight room and I have been able to push my body to lift weights I’ve only seen in videos. All the girls at WOFB have helped me turn into my best self ( emotionally, physically and mentally) and I hope I can inspire others to be their best self as well. WOFB has let me challenge all my strengths and this year I really challenged myself and competed in my first triathlon. I placed 4th in my category (something I would have never dreamed of doing) let alone placing!!

We are so proud of you!!  You definitely have taken your fitness game to a whole new level.  Your transformation speaks volumes and is a real testament to your dedication and hard work!  GREAT JOB.  Keep it up!!!!


July 5, 2019

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I’m not trying to discourage healthy eating.  What I AM saying is that eating healthy food doesn’t give you a free pass to eat unlimited quantities.  Don’t assume that healthy or organic foods will automatically come with less calories.  Fat loss, and therefore weight loss, result from a calorie deficit.  You must be aware of the calories in your food and eat based on your goals.

SOLE SISTERS & July 4th!

July 5, 2019





SOLE SISTERS will be tackling the stairs and ramps at FIU this Saturday, July 6.  Meet us at FFA at 6:59am if you want to burn tons of calories and get firmer buns!!!!

We will park at FFA and warm up with a light jog to our favorite parking garage.



4th of July!

July 2, 2019

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July 1, 2019



Summer is here and you’re still not where you want to be…  SO KEEP GOING!  Giving up is not going to get you any closer!!!!

So how do you lose fat AND keep it off??

In SOME cases, losing weight is the easy part. Your diet is structured, your motivation is high, and the feedback is immediate. Each time the scale flashes a smaller number, or your clothes feel bigger, or someone who hasn’t seen you in a while mentions how great you look, you feel better about yourself.

BUT THEN, eventually, your body starts fighting back.  The weight loss plateaus after a few months, your appetite increases and you become less satisfied after meals.  You start eating more even though you’re trying just as hard to eat less.

  1.  First & foremost, EXERCISE has to be part of your lifestyle.  No matter what you’re doing, just keep moving, consistently!  The great thing about Women Only Fitness Bootcamp is that we do it all… weight-training for strength, running and HIIT workouts for cardiovascular gains, agility drills, plyometrics, stretching, core workouts.  And the best part is that you can move at your own pace.  However, JUST MOVE and KEEP MOVING!  You have to adopt exercise into your lifestyle!
  2. Weigh yourself regularly, OR don’t.  But most people on a quest to lose fat and keep it off always have a good idea of where they stand in terms of their weight.  Don’t get caught up in it, but the majority of research shows that the more often you weigh yourself, the easier it is to maintain, whether you’re trying to avoid packing on pounds or prevent lost pounds from coming back.
  3. Establish ROUTINE.  It’s not always a good thing to be a “creature of habit”, but in this case, it helps.  If you’ve noticed, people who resist weight gain (Coach Lorraine, for example) are very much defined by daily routines.  Aside from daily exercise, they try to maintain:
  • Daily scheduled meal times
  • Prepared meals, either home cooked or meal service
  • Limited variety

It may sound plain and monotonous, but it gets RESULTS!  And that’s not saying it has to be that was everyday either.  If you adopt the 80/20 rule, you can be a little less “routine” 1-2 days per week.

The best news about weight management is that it gets somewhat easier over time.