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July 31, 2018




July 30, 2018


What attitude do you bring into each day??  Think about this!   Take a second to really put some thought into this because generally, people don’t have much of an attitude awareness.

….and herein lies the first step to achieving your greatest potential in life –> learning to monitor your attitude and its impact on your work performance, relationships and everyone around you.

We all have a choice!  Your mind is a computer that can be programmed OR reprogrammed.
Every morning that we are blessed to wake up to, we have the power to choose:
an inner dialogue of self-encouragement and self-motivation, or one of self-defeat and self-pity?  Each of us encounters hard times, hurt feelings, and physical and emotional pain. The key is to realize it’s not what happens to you that matters; it’s how you choose to respond.  Your reaction to adversity is what will make or break you!  You choose!

Here are some helpful tips on how you can turn your attitude into a winning one:

1. Self-Coaching Through Affirmations

Affirmations repeated several times each day, every day, serve to reprogram your subconscious with positive thinking. An affirmation is made up of words charged with power, conviction and faith. You send a positive response to your subconscious, which accepts whatever you tell it. When done properly, this triggers positive feelings that, in turn, drive action.

2. Self-Motivation Through Discovering Your Motives

Discover what motivates you—what incites you to take action to change your life. Basic motives include love, self-preservation, anger, financial gain and fear. Self-motivation requires enthusiasm, a positive outlook, a positive physiology (walk faster, smile, sit up), and a belief in yourself and your God-given potential.

3. The Power of Visualization

Studies of the psychology of peak performance have found that most great athletes, surgeons, engineers and artists use affirmations and visualizations either consciously or subconsciously to enhance and focus their skills. Nelson Mandela has written extensively on how visualization helped him maintain a positive attitude while being imprisoned for 27 years. “I thought continually of the day when I would walk free. I fantasized about what I would like to do,” he wrote in his autobiography. Visualization works well to improve attitude.

4. Attitude Talk for Positive Internal Dialogue

Attitude talk is a way to override your past negative programming by erasing or replacing it with a conscious, positive internal voice that helps you face new directions. Your internal conversation—that little voice you listen to all day long—acts like a seed in that it programs your brain and affects your behavior. Take a closer look at what you are saying to yourself.

5. The Power of Words—WOW

Once released to the universe, our words cannot be taken back. Learn the concept of WOW—watch our words. What we speak reflects what is already in our hearts based upon all the things we have come to believe about ourselves. If we find ourselves speaking judgmental and disparaging things about our circumstances or those around us, we know the condition of our hearts needs to change. You can create a direct path to success by what you say.

6. The Power in a Positive Greeting

When people ask me how I am doing, I say, “Super-fantastic.” Most people enjoy working and living with others who try to live life for what it is—a beautiful gift.

7. Enthusiasm: Vital Tool for Staying Motivated

Enthusiasm is to attitude what breathing is to life. Enthusiasm enables you to apply your gifts more effectively. It’s the burning desire that communicates commitment, determination and spirit. Enthusiasm means putting yourself in motion. It’s an internal spirit that speaks through your actions from your commitment and your belief in what you are doing. It is one of the most empowering and attractive characteristics you can have.

8. Connecting to Your Spiritual Empowerment

The ultimate level of human need extends into the spiritual realm. Just as we feed our bodies in response to our primary need to survive physically, we need to feed our spirit because we are spiritual beings. Many people find powerful and positive motivation in their faith.

9. Lighten Up Your Life with Humor

Humor is a powerful motivator. The more humor and laughter in your life, the less stress you’ll have, which means more positive energy to help you put your attitude into action. There are also health benefits to lightening up.

10. Exercising Will Help Keep You Motivated

One of the best ways to move to a more positive and motivated frame of mind is to exercise. A regular exercise routine can provide relatively quick positive feedback in the form of weight loss, muscle development and a sense of doing something positive for yourself.




July 27, 2018

You hear it all the time….  “Drink more water!”  You try to, but some days are better than others.  Well, did you know that drinking water can help you lose or maintain your weight?   It’s true!  Our bodies sometimes confuse thirst for hunger when we’re dehydrated.  This can lead to overeating!  No bueno!

Try the following tips and stay constant with your water intake:

  1. Add a splash of citrus to your water.

    If you want to perk up your water, squeeze some lemon or lime juice into your glass.  It’ll add a light touch of flavor, and it’s super refreshing. You can even try adding berries or melon for a fruity taste.
    Time-saving tip: Prepare a big pitcher of fruit or citrus-spiked water in the morning, and keep it in the fridge for all-day hydration. You can also buy a pitcher with a built-in fruit compartment like the one below for less than $15 at Target.


2.  Don’t leave home without it!

If you don’t have a good reusable water bottle (or two), get on that!  Make it part of your daily routine to bring it with you any time you head out.  This tip is crucial for me.  It’ll keep you from getting thirsty AND from spending money on plastic bottles while you’re out. I like the stainless steel thermos ones that keep the water cool for a few hours.


3.  Get sparkly.

mailBubbles are where it’s at!  There are so many amazing sparkling waters on the market now.  I love Perrier Lime or Grapefruit!  Who said hydration had to be flat and boring, although I’m not too crazy about the ones flavored with artificial sweeteners.




4.  Use your phone to keep you on track.

If you’re not used to drinking water throughout the day, set mini goals for yourself every morning.  Drink a glass of water when you wake up, one before and after each meal, and one more before you head to bed. That adds up to eight glasses of water!  You can also set daily alerts on your phone, or download an app like Waterlogged to make it even easier.



You may have heard that you should drink eight 8-ounce (237 milliliters) glasses of water a day.  Well the problem with this rule is that we are all different.  We have different levels of activity, our weights vary, and what we normally eat and drink also varies.

The truth is, there is no magic formula for hydration — everyone’s needs vary depending on their age, weight, level of physical activity, general health and even the climate they live in. The more water you lose to sweating, the more water you’ll need to replace with food and drink.  I let my thirst & urine be the guide.  Obviously when I’m thirsty, I drink.  My only beverages are coffee and water.  Second, a well-hydrated urine should look pale yellow or colorless.

The bottom line: Drink up when you’re thirsty, and drink more when you sweat more.  And try to make water your beverage of choice every time!

WHY LIFTING is good for you!

July 27, 2018

Ladies, read the following benefits of weight training.  There are many misconceptions around weight lifting.  Hopefully this can clear up some of the confusion.  Now, I’m not saying to go out there and lift extremely heavy weight, so much that you injure yourself.  But lifting weight that challenges your muscles a little is good for the body (and mind)!

We are capable of much and we are meant to move!



July 25, 2018

As per popular demand, SOLE SISTERS will be making their way to FIU for another sweaty, heart-racing, leg strengthening, butt-shaping and fun workout this Saturday, July 28!!!!



We will meet in our favorite parking garage at 6:59am.

If you need specific detail on where to meet us, please comment below or send me an email at  Otherwise, it’s our usual spot.


July 25, 2018



July 19, 2018





This Saturday, July 21st, SOLE SISTERS will get their running mileage in by racing through the beautiful streets of Coconut Grove.  We will meet across from  GREENSTREET CAFE at 7am.  Greenstreet Cafe is located at 3468 Main Hwy, Miami, FL 33133.  You can park anywhere along the street.  The parking is free until 10am.

Guess what we’re doing after the run??   =)

In case of rain, we will redirect to FIU!!  But always check back here first!

See you all soon!!!

FRUIT JUICE… more like soda than fruit

July 12, 2018


When it comes to choosing between sodas and juices in the beverage aisle, the juice industry has long benefited from a health halo.

We know that juice comes from fruit and soda is artificial.  More specifically, the “sugars” in juice, a.k.a., FRUCTOSE are more “natural” than the high fructose corn syrup in the sodas.

Well even so, the human body isn’t designed to process fructose at such high levels. Unlike glucose, which serves as fuel for the body, fructose is processed almost entirely in the liver where it is converted to fat, which increases risk for diabetes, cardiovascular disease and liver disease.  It’s easy to drink 2 or 3 cups of juice in the space of a few minutes. However, you’ll have a hard time eating the 8 oranges it took to make those cups of juice.

Tropicana, Minute Maid, and other juice brands have spent decades educating us that fruit juice is just as healthy as fruit. According to the USDA, fruit drinks and fruit juice are one of the top 10 calorie sources kids ingest. Sadly, people up to age 30 consume half of their daily recommended fruit servings as juice.

This is simply wrong. Consuming your fruit in liquid form is not a healthy habit. Fruit juice is high in sugar, but low in fiber, which is “juiced out” during production. For example, a cup of orange juice, even 100% and freshly squeezed, has about the same amount of sugar as a cup of sugary soda – 6 teaspoons!


Additionally, liquid calories simply don’t satiate as much calories from food that is chewed. This means every time you drink juice, there’s a good chance you are consuming empty calories and adding to your waistline.

Some of you may wonder if 100% fruit juice is better than fruit drinks or fruit juice with some sugar added. The answer is yes, because there are some nutrients present in 100% juice that don’t exist in fruit drinks. However, the nutrition profile is only marginally better. Both 100% juice and fruit drinks are still closer to cola than they are to fruit.

Want to lose weight? Want to avert type 2 diabetes?

Follow these simple recommendations:

  • Don’t drink juice when thirsty – WATER should be your only source for hydration purposes.
  • Limit your juice intake to once in a while. Treat it as … a treat.
  • When you do drink juice, make sure it is 100% fruit juice – the label should state so.
  • Opt for freshly squeezed juice, not “from concentrate”.
  • Drink juice in small amounts – half a cup is a good serving size.  When I rarely opt for juice, I have 1/2 cup and dilute the rest with water.
Forouhi et al  – Consumption of sugar sweetened beverages, artificially sweetened beverages, and fruit juice and incidence of type 2 diabetes: systematic review, meta-analysis, and estimation of population attributable fraction – BMJ, 2015


July 11, 2018

the beach this Saturday!!


Join us for our annual beach workout & BBQ at Crandon Park (South Beach – Skating Rink shelter)!  The workout will start at 10am sharp so please there around 9:45am.


What are you bringing to the BBQ??

-Boom box (that runs on batteries)
-Hamburger Buns
-Hotdog Buns
-Paper Plates
-Plastic Utensils
-Charcoal (self-igniting)
-5+ bags of Ice
-Grilling tools



July 9, 2018


This Saturday is our ANNUAL BEACH WORKOUT & BBQ!  It should be a blast as usual!  The SOLE SISTERS run will be at the beach & the 10am KICKBOXING class is cancelled.


Here is a link to the Facebook page:

Please click on the link above to RSVP and comment to let us know what you’ll be bringing to the pot luck BBQ.

The workout will start at 10am and then we celebrate afterwards at 12pm.  Spouses and kids are welcome to join us for the post-workout festivities.


-sunscreen, sunglasses &/or hat
-lots of water
-running shoes & socks
-money for parking ($7)