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November 29, 2012


Let me start with some news for my TRI-BOOTCAMP-ATHLON challengers:

1.  You MUST RSVP on here so I can have a schedule for Saturday.  Leave your full name and what course level you’d like to challenge.
2.  Please be on time for your wave start.  I will assign them tomorrow.
3.  Bring your workout gloves if you love your hands!
4.  There is 2-hour maximum for this event.



This video is a must-see IF, like most people, you love sweets and/or salty snacks.  These are some great lower fat, healthier versions to some of your favorites…


Now, if I put a gun or knife in your face, would you know what to do?

Most likely the answer is “NO, you would have no idea what to do.  And that’s scary!

According to experts, the amount of fear that you would experience would either cause you to panic, and that would lead to you getting stabbed or shot; or you would totally freeze up, completely paralyzed by your fear.  This happens all the time in car accidents.  As soon as people see they are about to get into an accident, they tense up, stiffen their arms on steering wheel, slam on the brakes and involuntarily close their eyes… instead of trying to react by steering out of the way and avoiding the accident.  Some people even slam on the accelerator instead out of panic, making the situation worse.

So how do you control your fear to avoid totally freaking out in a situation like a gun in your face?  First ask yourself what causes the fear.  The fear is caused by not knowing what to do, not knowing what your options are… basically, by not being prepared.   Having a plan and training that plan will lessen that paralyzing fear.

For example, if you have never swum in your life and I drop you in the middle of a lake, you will panic and drown.  But if I teach you how to swim, make you imagine and visualize the possibility of getting dropped in the middle of a lake, and then give you plans in case that happens, then the day I drop you in that lake, you will most likely follow the plan and swim back to shore.   You will be prepared.

It’s the same with the gun in your face scenario.  If you are taught what your options are, if you are taught what to do, and you practice these scenarios; then the day it happens you will be better prepared and might not crap your pants… or worse get shot!

Here are a few tips:

  • Situational Awareness + Avoidance – Sounds like common sense, right?  Be aware of your surroundings.  If you are in an unfamiliar place stay alert for any potential threats, but the same applies to familiar places like your own neighborhood, your job, etc.  Most people drop their guards, so to speak, or lower their situational awareness in familiar places which is natural since we are familiar with these places.  But the reality is that most violent crimes occur in a place the victim is familiar with.   Just knowing this fact will make you more aware.
  • Compliance – If you are ever held up at gun point, you want to show the attacker that you will comply with the tone of your voice, your body language, etc.  In other words, act submissively.  This will somewhat relax your attacker and give them a sense of security because they don’t see you as a threat.
  • Avoid sudden movements – Don’t make any sudden, abrupt movements.  This could lead your attacker to panic and pull the trigger because he sees you as a threat.
  • Ask a question – Experts say that if you ask the attacker a question such as, “What do you want?” this makes the attacker focus on answering you, instead of focusing on shooting you for that split second.   The human mind can only do so many things at once.  Try playing a video game and answering math questions at the same time and you will see.

So how can you plan and prepare for a gun in your face?  This Saturday (December 1st) at 1pm the Freestyle Fighting Academy will be giving a Krav Maga/weapons defense seminar teaching how to deal with stick, knife, and gun threats.   By the time you finish the seminar, you will be better mentally prepared to deal with a gun or knife in your face and you will have a plan.   This will definitely give you a better chance of surviving if someone ever walks up to you and puts a gun in your face.  If you are interested in attending the seminar please respond to this email, it could save your life one day!

Krav Maga/Weapons Self Defense Seminar
Saturday December 1st at 1pm
1423 SW 107th Ave (Freestyle Fighting Academy)
Seminar will cover how to defend yourself against stick attacks, knife attacks/threats, and gun threats.
FREE for Bootcamp Masters
$20 for Bootcamp Elite
$75 for Beginner Bootcamp




November 27, 2012 – MORE NEWS!!

November 27, 2012

Hey ladies!!

Hope you all had a great long weekend and an even better start to your week!!  There’s so much going on….where to start??

The TRI-BOOTCAMP-ATHLON is fast approaching…it’s this Saturday, Dec 1.  We will have 3 start times, 6am, 6:30am and 7am.  PLEASE BE ON TIME!!!
If you plan on participating I need you to comment below with your full name and whether you want to do the beginner, intermediate or advanced course so I can assign
you your start time & location.

-1 mile run
-200 m stairs
-200 m rope pull

-2 mile run
-0.25 mile stairs
-0.25 mile rope pull

-3.2 mile run
-0.5 mile stairs
-0.5 mile rope pull

Mark your calendars…Friday, Dec 21!!  As usual, it will be a blast!  We will have our ever-so-fun Chinese gift exchange & lots of good (not so BOOTCAMP-APPROVED) food!  I will keep you posted as to the exact time and location.

You’ve heard of the GLOW RUN?  Well, now welcome BOOTCAMP’s first ever GLOW WORKOUT!!  This will be the most memorable 90 minutes of gym time you’ve ever experienced!!  Everything will glow!!  That’s right, your dumbbells, barbells, instructors, partner, etc….  The workout will take place Friday, Jan 4 at 8:30pm.  We will sweat to a DJ spinning great music in the dark!  Pretty cool, huh??  Will keep you posted with more info.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn a few important moves to potentially save your life, you can do it this weekend!!  This Saturday at FFA we will be hosting a self-defense seminar as well as a short course on how to disarm someone using a weapon.  It will be fun, informative and most importantly, effective in helping you if you’re ever stuck in an unfortunate, physical encounter.   If you want to know more about this, ask any of our staff at the front desk.

Would you believe this fitness competitor is 57 years old?



November 23, 2012 – CARBS ARE EVERYWHERE!

November 23, 2012

Good day ladies!!

Happy post-Thanksgiving Day!

So what was your favorite indulgence in last night’s feast??  I’m going to guess it included some form of carbohydrate…right?

Well, carbs are everywhere.  Contrary to popular belief, carbs can be good and are necessary.  You just have to educate yourself about which ones you should choose vs which ones to keep at the supermarket.





November 21, 2012 – Eat, but don’t overeat!

November 21, 2012

Hey ladies,

As I mentioned yesterday, food is energy for survival; it’s fuel to move.  If you change how you view food and its purpose, then you can change how you interact with it.  Remember that everything starts in your mind.  Of course, there are times when you will crave something totally unnecessary, such as Red Swedish Fish (my weakness, LOL!) but don’t let it overtake you.  Have a little bite or a small piece and let it end there.  It’s ALL MENTAL!!!

Here’s a cool visual of how much effort is required to shed calories from a very typical Thanksgiving dinner:


November 20, 2012 – More news…

November 20, 2012

Hey girls!!

Hope your week has been off to a stupendous start!

I love this time of year…for me, the holidays represent good running weather, family, sharing and unfortunately, lots of eating!!  Ladies, food is a great thing; food is necessary for survival…2 pieces of pumpkin pie is not survival.   Be wise this holiday season.  Eat, but don’t overdo it!  Don’t let those weeks and months of hard work be crushed by a weekend of over indulgence.

Here’s some feedback – if you have to loosen your pants after your meal, good chance you’ve eaten too much!!


More on this later…for now, here are some updates:


1.  This Saturday is our last challenge workout.  It starts at 7:30am and will be 90 minutes long.  I need to know who is participating in the challenge the following Saturday, December 1.  I need a head count since there will be 2 or 3 start times.  PLEASE RSVP HERE AND NOW!

2.  I need some volunteers for that day.  Let me know if you are interested in helping out.




November 19, 2012 –

November 19, 2012

Hey girls!!!

It’s the start of a new week!  What’s in store…

Thursday, Nov 22
One workout ONLY that day…THANKSGIVING “CRAZY TURKEY” workout @ 10am for all students who normally attend bootcamp on Thursdays

Friday, Nov 23

Saturday, Nov 24
Last TRI-bootcamp-ATHLON challenge workout – 90 minutes of getting sexy, strong and fit starts @ 7:30am

Happy Monday!  Make sure to kick butt today, whatever you do!


November 16, 2012 – My #1 inspirational pick!

November 16, 2012

Hi ladies!

So it’s Friday….how productive were you this week?  Did you scratch off a bunch of ‘to-do’s’ along the way?

I wanted to close out the list of inspirational women with a bang!  I came across this particular story of amazing triumph that I wanted to save for last!

This woman really epitomizes greatness!  Her story is a must read when you need to just get up & get moving, literally & figuratively!!!

So imagine this….
You are  an African American girl born in the 40’s, a time when racial inequalities and inequities were widespread.  You are born prematurely at 4.5 lbs., the 20th of 22 siblings, to lower working class parents.  At the age of 4, you contract a crippling infantile paralysis caused by the polio virus which twists your leg out of shape and forces you to wear a brace on your left leg and foot for 5 years.  You are drained of much of your physical strength & doctors predict you will be unable to walk correctly without braces, if at all, for the rest of your life.  More so, you contract several more bouts of polio and scarlet fever before you are 12.  What sort of life do you see in your future??

Well I can tell you what Wilma Rudolph (b. 1940) envisioned for herself….

She became a high school basketball star, setting state records for scoring.  During a game, her speed and natural athletics caught the eye of a college track & field coach, who immediately recruited her to train with his team.

By the time she was 16, she earned a spot on the U.S. Olympic track and field team and came home from the 1956 Melbourne Games with an Olympic bronze medal in the 4 x 100 m relay to show her high school classmates.

She continued to compete with much success.  Four years later, at the Summer Olympics in 1960,  she brought home 3 Gold Medals for the 100m, 200m, and 400m relay.

She retired from competition at age 22.  She worked as an elementary school teacher, coaching track, and became a sports commentator on national television.




November 15, 2012 – GIRL POWER PART 3!

November 15, 2012

So…..who’s pushing the inspirational envelope today??

I chose a young female who EMBODIES passion….it’s just incredible!    When you lose an arm to a tiger shark surfing at the age of 13 and continue to surf so you can do it professionally, you are truly PASSIONATE about your sport!  We’re not just talking a “bite” either….she lost her entire left arm.  She returned to surf with one arm, 26 DAYS after she was attacked and had her arm amputated!  WOW….unbelievable courage and determination!  Not even the fear of sharks and potentially losing another arm could keep her out of the water.

WHO IS THIS AMAZING SOUL?  She is none other than the Hawaiian-born soul-surfer, Bethany Hamilton (b. 1990).
Since losing her arm, Bethany’s story has been shared in hundreds of media outlets, to inform and inspire.  She has been recognized with numerous awards, public appearances, and various speaking engagements.

Kind of hard to make excuses now, huh??



November 14, 2012 – MORE FEMALE INSPIRATION!

November 14, 2012

Hey girls!

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Today’s inspirational female is Olympic swimmer Dara Torres (b. 1967).

At age 41, she was the oldest swimmer to ever compete in the Olympics.  That photo above is her at 41, four years ago!!!
She is a twelve-time Olympic medalist, as well as the first and only swimmer from the United States to compete in five Olympic Games (1984, 1988, 1992, 2000 and 2008).

On August 1, 2007, at age 40 (just 15 months after giving birth to her first child), she won gold in the 100-meter freestyle at the U.S. Nationals, her fourteenth national championship.  On August 4, she broke her own American record in the 50-meter freestyle, 26 years after she first set the American record at just 15 years old.  WOW!!

Mother, author, model, Olympic athlete, TV show host, Hall of Famer…. Go girl!  (Some of you will be happy to hear that she is half Cuban!  LOL!)


Your bootcamp coaches!!

November 13, 2012 – GIRL POWER!

November 13, 2012

Hello ladies!!

How is your week so far?  No, I mean really, how is it?  It’s only been a couple of days, but this is the ideal time to sit down and assess it so you can make the necessary changes to keep moving in a productive direction.  So ask yourself, ‘what did I do yesterday to get closer to my goal?‘ and work from there to have an awesome week.

Since we are a “WOMEN ONLY” fitness program, I thought it would be both, cool and inspiring, to learn about different women in our history who have impacted the world of fitness, some leaving their legacy behind…

Billie Jean King (b. 1943)

One of the most influential female tennis player in history, King has championed social change and equal rights.  Committed to working toward gender equality in sports, she profoundly affected the way women perceived themselves physically and fostered the acceptability of women pursuing strenuous physical activity other than childbirth.  Through her Women Sport’s Foundation, she works to advance the lives of women and girls through physical activity, and promotes health, fitness, education and social change.

Some interesting facts (WIKIPEDIA):

1.  In 1971 she became the first woman athlete to win more than one hundred thousand dollars in a single year.

2.  In 1972, she won the women’s singles title at Wimbledon, the U.S. Open, and the French Open.  For this feat, Sports Illustrated magazine named her “Sportswoman of the Year,” and Sports magazine deemed her “Tennis Player of the Year.”

3.  In 1973, King again won Wimbledon’s singles and doubles championships.  It was then that she began to openly criticize the low prize money offered to women competitors. Her statements on this issue led to the offer from a major U.S. drug manufacturer of a large sum of money to make the prize money at the U.S. Open equal for both men and women!!

4.  On November 20, 2007, King was presented with the 2007 Sunday Times Sports Women of the Year Lifetime Achievement award for her contribution to sport both on and off the court.