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Feb 28, 2013 – BYE, BYE FEBRUARY!

February 28, 2013

Wow, in a flash it’s a new month!  That’s why everyday should be productive and goal-oriented.

It’s DAY 4 for all you challengers…

You may at one time or another start to hear a little voice inside your head.  It might start nagging you after dinner, telling you how badly you want that sweet dessert.  BUT LET ME ASK YOU THIS, HOW BAD DO YOU WANT TO FEEL ACCOMPLISHED?  HOW BAD DO YOU WANT TO TELL YOURSELF, “DAMMIT, I SAID I WAS GOING TO DO IT, AND I DID IT!”?

Ladies, I promise you that nothing tastes as good as feeling fit, confident and sexy!  Again, all that comes from within, as a result of achieving a goal.  This goal is not easy….and that’s why it’s WORTH IT!

One thing I do when I am feeling desperate to cheat, is that I remind myself that the piece of chocolate or the bowl of ice cream will be around all the time – it won’t go anywhere or disappear.  I convince myself that “I can always have it another time” and I can, and I will, just not right now!

Also, if you have a big sweet tooth like me, it helps to chew a piece of gum or suck on some peppermint.  I also try brushing my teeth right away.  For mid-afternoon cravings, I drink tea or coffee.

Although it won’t be an easy 12 weeks, I am super excited to be doing the challenge with all you girls, and I can’t wait to see the results!  Good luck everyone, and let’s keep our eyes on the prize!!  YOU MUST KEEP REMINDING YOURSELF OF WHAT YOU WILL ACHIEVE AT THE END OF THIS!

Check out this cool visual….where do you see yourself now?  in 12 weeks?  in 6 months?  ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!



Feb 27, 2013 – LET’S DO THIS!!

February 27, 2013


Body fat percentages are in!  See Coach Lorraine for your results.

Here is some info regarding the extra weekend workouts:

1.  Your challenge fee guarantees you a minimum of 5 EXTRA workouts out of the 10 planned ones you see on your schedule.  If you didn’t get in this weekend, you will be a priority for the next one.

2.  If you register for a workout, you MUST give us 24 hour cancellation notice if you cannot attend to give the others a chance to participate.


  1. Raquel M
  2. Marcia D
  3. Viviana A
  4. Marlen B
  5. Michelle H-B
  6. Marisa H
  7. Jeniffer V
  8. Cristina C
  9. Jackie G
  10. Marie O
  11. Dora S
  12. Jessica A
  13. Yadelene
  14. Lilian S
  15. Linda L
  16. Gabby R 
  17. Karen M
  18. Cathy M
  19. Jackie M-J
  20. Lillie S
  21. Katerina I
  22. Gigi
  23. Ann Marie O
  24. Rebecca A
  25. Silvania R
  26. Cindy M
  27. Karina C
  28. Marla B
  29. Gina C
  30. Jessica O
  31. Monica M
  32. Isadora V 


  1. Jenn M
  2. Carlyn T
  3. Vanessa T
  4. Monica C
  5. Jesika A
  6. Daris A
  7. Lisette R
  8. Miluska V
  9. Niki G
  10. Shelby G
  11. Sonia R
  12. Katia P
  13. Flo
  14. Anakiel
  15. Iris
  16. Elsy
  17. Denysse
  18. Mary L
  19. Carolina L
  20. Jhinela
  21. Karynna V
  22. Patricia B
  23. Rossana B
  24. Maily
  25. Mariela L
  26. Abigail
  27. Mildren I
  28. Sara S
  29. Diana C
  30. Dunia M
  31. Roxana M
  32. Sunilda C


February 26, 2013


Here’s a fun way to keep track of your progress and stay on track…  this goes for anyone with a goal, not just the calendar challenge.  Since a goal must have an end date, I like to print up as many blank calendars as I need to meet the goal deadline.  In this case, I have printed up 4 blank calendars, Feb, March, April & May.  I put them up on my wall and cross out each day as I conquer it!

I’m very visual so this works well for me – it keeps me very motivated, especially when I can see how many days I have left and how far I’ve come.  When you think about it on a larger scale, 90 days is such a tiny amount of time for something that will bring such huge rewards!
You should try this!
You can print the calendar pages at


3 spots left for 8:10am class!

February 26, 2013

Ladies, registration for the calendar challenge is now CLOSED.

7am class now FULL!

February 26, 2013

Hey ladies!!

The 7am class for Sunday, March 3rd is now full.
There is still room in the 8:10am class.

Feb 25, 2013 – HAPPY MONDAY!

February 25, 2013


It’s DAY 1 of our 12-week transformation challenge!  Let’s do this!  I created an event for it on Facebook so friend request me to get invited.  Together, we can do this!

SOLE SISTERS, there’s speed work this Saturday at the Tropical Park hill at 7:30am.  There is parking within feet of the hill!

CALENDAR CHALLENGERS, I will have 2 workouts this Sunday, March 3.  Please register here with your full name and class time.  You can register for either 7am or 8:10am.



Feb 22, 2013 – PART DEUX!

February 22, 2013

Hey Ladies,

Today’s tip goes hand in hand with the one about knowing your triggers, a.k.a. your evil temptations!  Once you know what your “weak” foods are and you get them out of your cupboards and out of the house, you want to keep daily reminders of where you’re going – YOUR GOALS!  Keep it visual, auditory or even both!  Post some pictures on your fridge of what you aspire to look like, keep sticky notes on your mirror of your favorite inspiring quotes, (so it’s the first thing you lay your eyes on in the morning), keep a good motivational CD in your car for the morning ride!  Do what you need to do to stay ahead of the game!





SOLE SISTERS – Bridge run this Sunday at 7:30am – we’re meeting in the parking lot before the bridge!!  Be there or be square!!

Your Bootcamp  Team!

Feb 21, 2013 – YIKES!

February 22, 2013

Hey girls,


Happy training!



Feb 20, 2013 – KNOW YOUR TRIGGERS!

February 20, 2013


As the week winds down and we get closer to what I call “Bootcamp Lent” for 12 weeks…there is something very important you can do to make your life a lot easier over the course of the challenge.

Take a moment to evaluate your eating behaviors and more specifically, the food or foods that you eat until you make yourself sick.  Any food that makes you “weak”, we’ll call your trigger food.  Make a list of your trigger food(s).

Mine is ice cream.  I can eat ice cream ’til the cows come home (which is likely never!)  So how do I deal with this? ….SIMPLE!  I never buy it!  You will not find ice cream in my freezer, especially not over the next 3 months.

The key to getting (and keeping a flat belly) is recognizing these trigger foods and keeping them OUT OF YOUR HOUSE.

This tip alone can save you thousands of calories every week.

So today’s take home message is this: make a list of your top (3) trigger foods and STEER CLEAR OF THEM.  Out of sight, out of mind.


As you may or may not know, Coach Lorraine is competing in a Fitness/Figures competition on Saturday, March 16, 2013.  It would be awesome to get a group of us together and go support her as she displays what months of hard work and clean eating can amount to!  Tickets are normally $45 but Lorraine is selling them for $40.
Here are the details:

WHAT:  The Sunshine Classic (Fitness, Figure, Bikini, Wheelchair)

WHEN:  Sat, March 16, 2013 @ 7pm

WHERE: Palm Beach County Convention Center, 650 Okeechobee BoulevardWest Palm Beach, FL 33401



Feb 19, 2013 – BOOTCAMP does the HARLEM SHAKE!

February 19, 2013

Hey ladies!!

It’s Tuesday….there’s less than a week to go before the calendar challenge.  Please remember to register with Lorraine.  We’ll be doing body fat measurements and taking ‘before’ photos this weekend.

I want to thank all the girls that made it out to our yearly Awards Banquet, you all looked so beautiful.  I would also like to congratulate the nominees, the winners, and all the girls who kick butt day in and day out…YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!  I had a blast.  If you left early, here’s what you missed:

LOL!!!  Happy training!