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Bridge run, new schedule, 5K and beach fun!

May 31, 2017

Hey Ladies!


This Saturday’s SOLE SISTERS run finds us on the Key Biscayne bridge getting our incline running on!  Please join us if you have never run this bridge, it’s AWESOME!!  The workout is intense, the sights are breathtaking and the crew is oh-so cool!  There’s no better way to kick off your Saturday!  Meet us at the start of the bridge in the parking lot at 7am!



You all know by now that we are relocating downstairs.  The room is bigger & better!   The improvements are a work in progress but as of June 1st, we can start using the new area.  Please check out the NEW SCHEDULE – we have made a few minor changes and added some more classes.  We have posted the schedule up in the gym.


5K to celebrate July 4th anyone?


Join us for our 3rd Annual 4th of July 5K!

The price will increase in 2 days (on June 1st) from $25 to $30.  The race will take place Tuesday, July 4th at the Kendall Indian Hammocks Park, 11395 SW 79th St. at 7:04 am.


Saturday, June 17 – JOIN US for our Annual Beach Workout & BBQ in Crandon Park.  I’ve created a Facebook page and invited as many of you as I could find.

Bootcamp BBQ 7-28-12-ver1-2



May 29, 2017

For your courage, your strength, and ultimate sacrifice,


From the bottom of our hearts!

FIU! and Memorial Day…

May 25, 2017

Hello Bootcampers!


This Saturday, May 27th, SOLE SISTERS will meet in our favorite parking garage at FIU at 7am.  Please comment below if you need further information on exact meeting location.  As usual, it will be an hour well spent – sweating out your Friday calories!



Monday, May 29th is MEMORIAL DAY, a holiday for Americans to remember and honor the people who died while serving in our country’s military.

We will have 2 classes that day, a morning class at 10am & an evening class at 6pm.  All levels are welcome to attend either of those 2 classes if you normally attend on Monday.
Memorial Day 2017



“6 Appetite-Control Strategies that Help You Stop Overeating”

May 22, 2017

I found this information online…. (

[I’m always skeptical when I see headlines like this, like ‘is it for real’?  You should be too!  Always research your information and make sure you verify that the sources are reputable.

I’m a firm believer that shortcuts rarely lead you to your destination.  Hard work and persistence are 2 ingredients for success.   And in this case…WILLPOWER.  However, after reading the article, I was left thinking that maybe these strategies aren’t so bad after all and are worth a try.]


Looking to add some flavor to your food and noncaloric drinks?  Forget the sugar; there are plenty of spices and flavors that will make your food both tastier and healthier. Vinegar, which has been shown to lower the glycemic index (which means you metabolize the food more slowly), adds acidic flavor to salad dressings, sauces and roasted veggies without a lot of calories.

For sweet-smelling warmth, add cinnamon to everything from coffee and smoothies to chili. Like vinegar, cinnamon slows the rate at which food transits from your stomach to your intestine — this keeps you full longer, and helps prevent the post-meal slump.


When you get really hungry, you tend to overeat.  When you overeat, you feel full, but then your insulin levels spike, causing you to feel tired, then hungry again … so you overeat again.

Instead of trying to resist hunger, beat it to the punch. If you eat when you’re either not hungry or only slightly hungry, you’ll eat less and tend to eat more slowly. Eating less throughout the day is great, but having more energy is certainly a nice bonus, too.


In addition to tiredness and brain fog, mild dehydration can cause a sensation that’s easily mistaken for hunger. On the other hand, liquid calories such as juices and sodas don’t fill you up, and their rapid digestion causes insulin spikes. So pass on the sweetened drinks and stick with sparkling or still water — you can flavor it with lemon, strawberries or cucumber if you want, but don’t pack your drinks full of calories.

Aim to drink at least three-quarters of a gallon of water a day. Also, be sure to drink a glass about 20 minutes before each meal to take the edge of your appetite.


When you swallow food, there’s a sizable delay before you feel any satiation from it. This delay is usually between 10–30 minutes. Because of this delay, we tend to eat more food than we really need. And the faster we eat, the more we tend to consume, particularly later on in a meal.

The solution: Chew each bite 10 times. Following this simple rule will cause you to eat more slowly, allowing your mind to catch up to your stomach. You’ll also enjoy your food more when you take the time to savor it.


This trick was discovered by the late Seth Roberts: What he did was consume a shot of olive oil or a glass of water with a tiny bit of sugar (an exception to the rule on sugared beverages above) between meals. I prefer a handful of unsalted almonds. Doing this once a day dramatically reduced my appetite — this can be particularly true if you have a lot of weight to lose.

This is one of the weirdest things but it works. The reason: It apparently regulates ghrelin, a hunger hormone, by weakening flavor-calorie associations. For this to work, the snack must be bland, and you should consume nothing else but water for at least an hour before and after the snack.



Knowing that your willpower is reduced when you’re hungry, and there’s more tempting junk food outside the home than in it, you should fill up on healthy food before leaving home. Keep a healthy snack, such as jerky, almonds or kale chips, right next to your front door, and eat some before you leave home. This will cause healthy food to “crowd out” unhealthy food in your diet, and make it much easier to pass on the junk food.

Have a great day!



May 16, 2017



We have a new location for our weekend runs!!

This Saturday, May 20th at 7am, SOLE SISTERS (Elite Bootcampers) will meet in the parking lot of the Miami-Dade park adjacent to Hammocks Middle School.  If you head towards the school, you will see a playground located next to it – that’s where we will meet, in that parking lot.

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 11.28.05 AM

It is an 8.1 mile loop around Hammocks Lake – very pretty and close by!  I can’t believe I just discovered it after being here almost 12 years!  If you don’t want to run the loop, there are several entrances/exits that you can use as shortcuts to get out or you can head in one direction and then turn around for the second half of your run.  We will discuss the route once we meet there on Saturday.  HOPE TO SEE YOU ALL!

Your WOFB Team!


Happy Mother’s Day!

May 14, 2017

To all the beautiful mothers out there, who sacrifice so much of themselves….
Thank you for staying up at night with us while we were sick, scared or restless.
Thank you for keeping us fed, whether it was the meal you took the time to make or the occasional meal out.
Thank you for getting up early in the mornings to make us breakfast and make sure we were ready for school.
Thank you letting us crawl into your bed or listening to our crazy stories, even if it meant giving up your quiet time.
Thank you for bringing us so much security, comfort and joy!
Thank you for your your tireless efforts in showing us you care.
Thank you for loving me.
Mom, thank you!


SOLE SISTERS & some good advice…

May 12, 2017


We will be tackling the Key Biscayne bridge this Saturday, May 13 @ 7am.  We will meet at our usual spot, in the parking lot before the start of the bridge.  I love this run!  Running on an incline is such great cardio, good for strengthening the legs and calves, and helps improve your regular running pace.  JOIN US!!  It’s a good one!


Comment here if you need further info for the meeting spot.  More so, if it rains (which it shouldn’t), we redirect to our favorite stair workout at FIU!


As the weekend approaches, it’s a time to relax for most….BUT by “relax” I don’t mean time to brush your health & fitness goals under the rug for a few days.  That “on” & “off” routine is a recipe for slow progress which in turn, can cause some to become very discouraged with their fitness efforts.  Eating right, exercising and maintaining a healthy weight is a lifestyle!   

The weekend doesn’t have to be a time to forget about your goals!

Here are 5 tips to getting off the weekend roller coaster:

  1. Plan to start Saturday with a workout.
    SOLE SISTERS!!!  Bootcampers, Sole Sisters is the name of the WOFB running group.  This means that if you are a member of the Elite Program, you are a SOLE SISTER.  Join us for our 7am Saturday workouts as we kick off the weekend with a great sweat session.  It will keep you from staying up too late & drinking too much.  (Well, for most of us anyway, lol!)
  2. Plan a longer workout because you won’t be rushing to get back to work.
    Stick around after the morning run and do some plyometric work or hit the weights for an added pump!  What about even getting an extra mile in!
  3. Spend some time cooking a great healthy meal with a friend or partner.
    Wholesome eating can be fun and delicious so make it a date.  Find a new healthy recipe and dedicate a couple of hours or so to cooking!
  4. Plan your next week of meals and head to your local farmers market!
    …and by ‘plan’, I’m saying, get your pen and paper and WRITE IT DOWN!!!  Plan out your meals for the week and make your grocery list.  Then check out some local farmers’ markets for fresh, organic produce if you can.  They’re usually easy to spot on Saturdays.  There is one at Tropical Park on Saturdays from 9am – 3pm,
  5. Last but not least, start each morning with an re-evaluation of your goals so they are fresh in your mind and you are focused!  I’m not saying be strict all the time or don’t treat yourself to a “free” meal or 2 over the weekend – ENJOY IT, just don’t lose sight of what you’re trying to achieve!




May 10, 2017

Hello everyone!!  May 2017 has a new standout….




1. Age:  33

2. Profession:  Stay at home mom and part time at WOFB

3. When did you first start training at WOFB and how did you find out about us?
I first found out about WOFB in 2008 at a health fair. At that time I had tried everything. I tried pills, acupuncture (which hurt and didnt do anything), i tried all types of diets (they helped for a little but then i would gain it all back), I went to a fat loss clinic which they gave me shots and more pills, I even went to a consultation for the lap band surgery. I knew the moment I met the girl from WOFB and she told me about it that it was exactly what I needed! And it was!

4. Tell us about your sports & fitness background:
All my life I was in great shape.  Played all types of sports but after high school I stopped everything and started eating, a lot! I gained a ton of weight and then got pregnant and gained more weight. My heaviest was 250lbs. I am now at 170 (I still have some more to lose) but its all because of WOFB and their amazing motivation and workouts! With their help I have been able to keep off the weight and they keep me motivated to continue to be in the best shape that I can. I am forever grateful!

5. Favorite Workout (or type of workout) & Least Favorite Workout:
I love all types of workouts and exercises! My mindset has changed from when I first started. There may have been a couple of exercises that I probably didnt like but I changed the way I thought about them and tried to look at them as exercises I needed to conquer and get better at, which in return made me like them all.

6. What sort of changes have you seen in your body, health and overall fitness since starting WOFB?
The types of changes I have seen since I started are that I lost a ton of weight, I built muscle, and I feel healthy again! Thank you and all of my WOFB family!

CONGRATS to you!!  We are proud of all you’ve accomplished thus far.  Don’t stop now!

Some FOOD for the SOUL…

May 9, 2017





May 5, 2017


Meet me at TROPICAL PARK tomorrow morning, Saturday, May 6th at 6:50 AM.  We will park by the hill closest to Miller Dr. and venture out from there.

See you soon!!!

And as per usual, if it is raining, we redirect to FIU.