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HAPPY MONDAY! (Brrrrrrr!)

January 31, 2022

It’s cold….but don’t let the weather stop you from getting those workouts in!

What are they?
“Chia” means strength.  They’re tiny, edible, black and white seeds that come from a plant grown in Mexico.  Folklore has it that the Mayans and Aztecs used to use them as energy boosters….that would make sense since they  contain healthy omega-3 fatty acids, carbohydrates, protein, fiber, antioxidants, and calcium.  Chia seeds are an unprocessed, whole-grain food that can be absorbed by the body as seeds (unlike flaxseeds which is why I always recommend flaxseed oil.)

Approximately 2 tablespoons contains 139 calories, 4 g of protein, 9 g fat, 12 g carbs & 11 g of fiber (plus vitamins and minerals).   They are most often sprinkled on cereal, sauces, vegetables, rice dishes, or yogurt or mixed into smoothies and baked goods.

TRY THIS for your next MEAL OR SNACK…


-2 cups fresh spinach leaves (you can use any greens you like: kale, chard, collard, etc.)  WASHED WELL
-1 cup frozen berries
-1/2 cup plain Greek yogurt
-1/2 banana
-1 tbsp chia seeds
-1/2 scoop vanilla whey protein


January 28, 2022

Due to popular demand and Canada-cold weather, we are moving the run to our sheltered FIU.

Join us in our favorite garage tomorrow at 7am for a workout that won’t disappoint!

The Grove Awaits!

January 28, 2022

….Coconut Grove, that is!

Tomorrow’s SOLE SISTERS meet is in the scenic neighborhood of Coconut Grove. Meet us across form the Greenstreet Cafe (3468 Main Hwy) at 7am. Parking is free along the streets until 10am. Join us, as we walk/jog/run our way into another blessed weekend. The forecast calls for “chilly”, so layer up!

Don’t forget….

January 25, 2022

…to spread the joy of health & fitness!

All this week, is BRING A FRIEND week!


January 24, 2022

You can either dominate or be dominated!


January 21, 2022


Let’s burn some calories at Tropical Park tomorrow at 7am.

We will meet in the parking lot closest to the track/bleachers – the parking lot furthest from Bird Rd., not the one where they have the testing site set up at; the one that is directly across from the bathrooms/little store.

JOIN US as we have fun while getting healthier & stronger!!!

The Power of Color!

January 19, 2022

The influence of color is inescapable. Color can impact your behavior, mood, and thoughts….

A certain color can soothe your frazzled nerves, agitate a hostile adversary, motivate and empower you to take action, and also bring healing energy when you need it.

Today and tomorrow, we celebrate all the spectacular hues!


Take a pic, post it on your social media and tag us @wofbMiami

The greatest force…

January 17, 2022

May your day be filled with love and peace!


January 14, 2022

If you’ve never had the opportunity of exercising on the Key Biscayne bridge, seize it tomorrow!!! It is worth the early morning rise! We will meet there, in the parking lot at the start of the bridge, at 7am, to walk, run, lunge along this beautiful structure. I can promise you scenic views and ample incline while you sweat off Friday’s happy hour calories!

Wear your long sleeve or bring an extra layer, as the forecast predicts refreshing, crisp Miami winter weather for tomorrow morning.


January 7, 2022

1. Age: 34

2. Profession: Talent & Development – Hilton

3. When did you first start training at WOFB and how did you find out about us?
Oh boy, I started back in 2012 after my best friend raved about it. She left for school a few months later, but I fell in love and stayed. I moved to Miami Lakes after I got married and canceled my membership because the gym was too far, but after trying multiple gyms nearby, nothing compared. I ended up coming back “home” in 2018 and don’t plan to leave again. No other gym compares to the fun environment, motivational trainers, and gym partners that become friends.

4. Tell us about your sports & fitness background: I played sports my whole life – volleyball, basketball, flag football, softball, cheerleading – I’ve always been competitive lol but it wasn’t until I joined bootcamp that I fell in love with lifting and running.

5. Favorite Exercise (or type of workout): Leg day 100% and outdoor workouts that involve tires!

6. Least Favorite Exercise: Upper-body, especially pull ups!

7. What sort of changes have you seen in your body, health and overall fitness since starting WOFB? Throughout the years, my body has transformed tremendously. Within my first year at bootcamp, I lost 42 lbs and have never looked back! I feel stronger and overall healthier. I no longer worry about the weight on the scale, instead I focus on my body fat % and my energy level. I have completely changed my eating habits – it’s been years since I last ate fast food! I love that WOFB has helped me not only transform physically, but it’s changed my mindset on what it means to live a healthy lifestyle. My travels now always include hiking or something physical, and that makes life so much more exciting. I’m so thankful for my WOFB family!

Almost everyone knows someone who radiates positivity. They’re the ones who naturally draw others in and make people feel at ease. That’s Marlita! Genuine, fun and motivating, it’s a treat to know her, and a bonus to be her workout partner! Thank you for being our #1 cheerleader and for showering us with your good vibes & contagious energy! Keep shining!!