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September 21, 2017



This Saturday, September 23, 2017, SOLE SISTERS will be hitting the pavement at 97th & Flagler.  JOIN US as we log in some more miles to help increase our cardio, speed and stamina.

All ELITE members are welcome to join us, regardless of running speed or ability.   Everyone runs at their own pace and chooses the distance that suits them.  The goal, as always, is to get better!

We will meet in the parking area in front of Stirrup Elementary which is located at the corner of 97th and Flagler.  It’s a nice straight run with a bridge.  See you all there at 7am, ready to sweat and break records!!



Challengers!  Our last workout and final assessment was to take place this Sunday, Sept 24, 2017, according to our original schedule.  Since our workout dates were recently rearranged a little due to Irma, the last workout will be next Sunday, Oct 1st.


I will send out another email to RSVP.  Hopefully you can all make it!



A HUGE THANK YOU to each and every one of you that was able to donate and help us collect goods for the Keys, especially on such short notice!  Thank you, thank you!

Karen Mari and her wonderful team from Mari Real Estate and Management Group came through – they picked up all the supplies and delivered them this morning.  Between our groups, we filled up 2 truckloads!




September 20, 2017


Tomorrow is the last day to bring in your donations for the Keys.  The pick-up time has been extended to 9:15am.  Karen will be picking up all the goods by 9:15am so this gives the morning class (9:15am class) a chance to bring in any supplies they would like to share.

Thank you to all who are helping out!  KARMA!

And thank you Karen for putting this together and taking the time to personally deliver all the goods.




September 16, 2017

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Let’s do our part!

September 16, 2017



September 13, 2017

Hi Ladies,

Let’s get back to work and burn off those IRMA calories!


This SATURDAY, SEPT 16, Sole Sisters is taking it to FIU.  Let’s stay close to home base this week and work that lower body with some incline sprints and stairs.  Meet us in the parking garage at 7am and bring lots of water!

See you all soon.



We’re not going to let a hurricane stop us!  Since we missed extra workout #5 last Sunday, we will make it up this weekend, SUNDAY, SEPT 17.  Please RSVP for 7am or 8am.

See you all this weekend!

The WOFB Team


Who’s itching to workout? ME!!

September 12, 2017

Hello ladies!

It has been a pretty stressful week, but it’s over now and boy, did we dodge a grenade!  My heart goes out to those who were not as fortunate.

Hopefully you are all safe and well after the hurricane, and your homes haven’t suffered too much damage.  As I work to restore order around me, I remind myself over and over that life is above all and everything else can be replaced or repaired!

There is a lot of work to be done now to get back to our normal routine, including the restoration of our beloved gym!  The guys are hard at work cleaning up today.  

We will resume back to our normal WOFB schedule tomorrow, Wednesday, Sept 13, 2017.

I haven’t forgotten about 9/11 yesterday, Harvey or the massive fires in the west.

So much to say, but what is really inspiring me at this moment, is how RESILIENT we can be.  I compared us to the palm trees in a storm… we bend and we sway, but we don’t break!

See you all soon!




September 6, 2017

Hello All,

WOFB will be closed as of tomorrow, Thursday, Sept 7 at noon.  We will have the 5:45am & 9:15am classes, and then the gym will close at 12pm until further notice.  This also includes the cancellation of SOLE SISTERS on Saturday and our workout on Sunday.

Please stay safe!

WOFB/FFA Management


September 5, 2017

As we anxiously wait to know more about the path of Hurricane Irma, we have to prepare for the worst!   As of now, we will continue with our regular schedule until further notice.

Here is some great advice I found on Hurricane Specialist, Bryan Norcross’ FB page.

“I recommend food and water for AT LEAST SEVEN days and an AM/FM portable radio with plenty of batteries. Also, I suggest only LED flashlights and lanterns with lots of batteries. Though LED lights will last a long time.

Here are a few other tips, which I’ll repeat and add to as we get closer:

1. You can order supplies from Amazon today and have them delivered on Thursday at the latest. Local stores might be out of good LED flashlights and lanterns, for example. Have at least one flashlight for every person in your family, and ideally have a lantern or two for general lighting.

2. Take photos today or tomorrow of every room, every piece of electronics, and everything valuable. Upload the pictures to the cloud – Dropbox, Microsoft Cloud, iCloud, Google Drive, etc. – before the storm.

3. Also take photos of key documents and upload them as well. You can do that today.

4. Save your contacts in your phone to the cloud. If you don’t know how to do that, frame grab your screen or have someone take photos of your contacts with their phone and email or text the pictures back to you to a friend. Don’t take a chance on losing your contacts if something happens to your phone.

5. Secure your photographs and albums in double plastic bags.

6. Plastic bags and duct tape are your friends. You can’t buy to many of them. Put documents in gallons-size (or larger) Ziploc bags. Put larger items in double large trash bags cocooned so the opening of the first bag is in the bottom of the second bag. Put some clothes in plastic bags in case you get a roof leak. Duct tape bags closed. Put valuables on a high shelf in a closet.

7. Think now about where you are going to park your car. A parking garage is ideal. Outside in a low-lying area or under a tree is the worst. Think about all of the cars you’ve seen ruined in storms because people made bad choices about where they parked the car before the storm. When we know the storm track, we’ll have a better idea which side of a building will give the best protection. Next to a building on the downwind side gives you the best chance if you have to leave your car outside.

8. Do your laundry and wash your dishes before the storm.

9. You dishwasher is an excellent “safe” in your house if you need someplace to put valuables. Your washer and dryer can offer good protection as well. These could be good places to put your bagged-up photos, for example.

10. Fill Ziploc bags ¾ full of water and stuff them in your freezer to fill up the space. The less air you have in the freezer, the longer your refrigerator will stay cold. Do NOT turn your refrigerator to any lower setting than normal – that can damage the unit.

11. Choose a friend or relative out of town to be the contact point for your family or group of friends. After a storm, it is always easier to get a call out of the area than within the storm zone. Be sure everybody has the out-of-town number and make a plan to check in ASAP after the storm.

12. If you live in a high rise, be sure you know what the procedures are going to be in the building. Will the building be evacuated? Will the water continue to work? Will elevators work? What is on a generator? If you can stay in the building (if it’s away from the water) find an interior hallway on a low floor where you can set up camp during the storm. It will not be safe to be on a high floor or near windows, even with modern hurricane impact windows. A hallway surrounded by concrete is your best bet.

13. Think about what you will sit on if you are in a hallway or other safe spot for a number of hours – maybe 12 hours or more. Consider comfortable folding chairs. Take food to your safe spot. Have books or other non-electronic amusements, including for the kids.

14. Do NOT count on your cellphone for communications. When Harvey hit Texas as a Cat 4, it knocked out the mobile phone system. In addition, your battery may run down and you may have no ability to charge it. In any case, it’s essential you have a portable AM/FM radio that you can leave on so the entire family can hear what’s going on with the storm.

15. Most importantly, be sure you know a safe place where you and your family can ride out the storm, if it comes. This is the most critical decision you can make today. There almost certainly will be evacuations ordered for parts of Florida. If you live near the water, put together the food, clothes, valuable items, and important papers you’ll take with you NOW. Leave as early as possible. There will be a crush on the road and you may not find a hotel in the entire state of Florida.”



Rima A.



September 1, 2017



Let’s try again…

August 30, 2017


SOLE SISTERS – let’s meet up at the Key Biscayne bridge this Saturday, Sept 2.  Meet us at the start of the bridge after the toll in the parking lot at 7am.

If you’ve never run the bridge, you are missing out!

This is my favorite running location.  It’s a great workout and the scenery is breathtaking.  JOIN US!