Age: 52

Occupation: Teacher

When did you start bootcamp and how did you hear about us?
I Started 7 years ago, my husband spoke to Lorraine at Porky’s gym and asked her if she was a trainer.

Sports/Fitness background: Always loved running and being on the track team at school. 

Favorite workout/exercise: My favorite workout is upper body training, but I love squats. 

Least favorite exercise: My least favorite exercise is burpee’s. 

What type of changes have you seen since you started WOFB?
I have seen a change in my weight and been able to maintain a healthy lifestyle with dieting. And truly enjoy going to the gym as my stress reliever. 

We are so truly proud of you!! You’re a testament to the benefits of hard work and consistent effort! Keep going!!! And most importantly, everyday you remind us that age is nothing but a number!

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