So proud of you!


1. AGE: 19 years old

2. OCCUPATION: College Student / After Care Counselor

3. First started training at WOFB in 2015 through a friend that had introduced me. Stopped due to certain circumstances, and came back to WOFB 3 years later in 2018. It was a long wait in the making but the important thing is coming back!

4. SPORTS/FITNESS BACKGROUND: As for a sports / fitness background… I did do All-Star Cheerleading during the age of 10 all the way till I was 15 years old. While doing Cheerleading, I also competed in a Hip Hop Team. Winning lots of National Champion Titles and even an International Champion Title.

5. Favorite Exercise: Squats (Leg Day is the best day)

6. Least Favorite Exercise: Box Jumps

7. In the 20 pounds I’ve lost so far, I’ve seen/felt a lot of changes not just physically but also mentally. Of course clothes start to fit big and your body starts to look slimmer. But I believe the most important changes are mentally. When you first start WOFB, it’s a challenge to get your body to do all the workouts and follow the meal plan. But as the time goes by with motivation from the coaches and others, your body gets stronger just as your mind does. Consistency is KEY, once you see numbers dropping week after week. There’s no better feeling than to continue going harder and harder.


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