DAY 5 – As we head into the weekend…



Life is about perspective…it really is.  If you think the weekend is any different for your body than a Monday or Wednesday, then you will treat is as such.  You will allow yourself to do things you normally wouldn’t do during the week.  So why is that?  ONLY BECAUSE YOU SEE IT AS DIFFERENT!  If you treat every day of the week as the same, then you will adhere to the same rules.  YOU ARE IN CONTROL!  You meal prep during the week, so why wouldn’t you on a Saturday?  I think you get my point!  Remember, ONE cheat meal per week will be allowed to satisfy the cravings and stir up the metabolism a little bit, but it’s only been week 1…the motivation is high, the focus is sharp and we are unbreakable!


See you soon!

Rima A.

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