Being motivated and having a goal is where it all starts!  But the recipe requires a few more ingredients to get to the final product….  one ingredient that makes the road to success so much easier is ORGANIZATION.  This means PLANNING!  You know that saying…  FAIL TO PLAN = PLAN TO FAIL ?  Well, it’s true!  In the next 12 weeks, we’re going to work on being ready – being prepared to execute our plan on a daily basis.  This means having your workouts scheduled and your meals prepped, packaged and available to you when it’s time to eat.

FOR STARTERS, here’s a fun and effective way to keep track of your progress, anticipate what’s to come and stay on track:

(…and this goes for anyone with a goal, not just the calendar challenge.)

Since a goal must have an end date, I like to print up as many blank calendars as I need to meet the goal deadline.  In this case, I have printed up 3 blank calendars, March, April & May.  I put them up on my wall and cross out each day as I conquer it!


I’m very visual so this works well for me – it keeps me very motivated, especially when I can see how many days I have left and how far I’ve come.  When you think about it on a larger scale, 90 days is such a tiny amount of time in our lifetimes – especially for something that will bring such huge rewards!

You should try this!  You can print them up at http://www.calendarlabs.com/2015-calendar-templates.php

Have a wonderful day!

One Response to “LET’S GET ORGANIZED!!”

  1. Regina Says:

    What a great idea! Thank you


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