DAY 74 of 12-week challenge!!



I took a peek at the Fitness Depot pics from the photoshoot on Facebook and I’m getting SOOO excited!

Although we have 20 girls for the calendar, the 12 best transformations will be highlighted, one for each month.  We will include the 12 best ‘before’ & ‘after’ pics per page!

As for the diet, Lorraine informs me that she has been meeting with each girl individually.  The actual ‘carb cutting’ will begin next week.  For now, everyone needs to decrease their carbohydrates intake.

Everyone has both, a unique physique and metabolism.  However, if you weigh 130 lbs or more, you should be consuming less than 150 g of carbs per day.  If you weigh less than 130 lbs, limit your intake to about 130 g per day.
Try to match the equal amount in protein intake.  These numbers take into account that you are working out/resistance training at a fairly high intensity!

Here are the ONLY sources of carbohydrates you should be consuming from now until then.  These numbers may vary from product to product, so check your food labels.

Food Protein Carbohydrates Fat Calories
Kidney beans (1cup) 16g 39g 0g 218
Brown rice (1 cup)
5g 45g 2g 216
Broccoli (2 cups) 5g 12g <1g 60
Oats (1/2 cup)
13g 51g 5g 304
Peas (1 cup)
9g 25g 0g 134
Whole grain bread (2 slices)
11g 35g 3g 207
Whole grain cereals (1 cup)
8g 46g 3g 161
Whole wheat pasta (200g)
10g 50g 2g 262
Sweet potato
(1 large)
4g 37g 0g 162

See you soon and look forward to the days to come!  Keep up the hard work ladies…you’re so close to the finish line!!



12 Responses to “DAY 74 of 12-week challenge!!”

  1. Linda Says:

    when is the cut being made, by when will we know? This diet is not easy =/


  2. Cecilia Ramos Says:

    When will you pick final 12 ??? 🙂


  3. Karen Says:

    This will be easy!!


  4. Flodawg!! Says:

    Yay! Started my diet on Monday :))


  5. Johanna Says:

    I’m a little lost now… so it will be narrowed down to 12 only?


  6. Rima Avellan Says:

    No, the 20 are all in calendar, but the shot will highlight certain physiques.


  7. Linda Says:

    WooooHoooo! ok, I feel better now 😀


  8. Johanna Says:

    got it! 🙂


  9. Linda Says:

    BTW… Rima/Lorraine, thank you for everything! 🙂


  10. Terry Villazon Says:

    C’mon… I love my new diet, it’s delicious and I’m never hungry 🙂
    Tilapia and Chicken breast all the way


  11. Rima Avellan Says:

    Awww, ladies! I am so impressed with you all! I can’t wait to be back!!!
    Beach workout Saturday, than photoshooooooot!!


  12. Lillie Says:

    really? our before pictures need to be in there too ? :o(


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