It’s everywhere and it’s slowly ruining our health. It’s time to take control!

  1. Sugar makes your organs fat
    A diet high in sugar, and fructose, a common sugar-like food additive, triggers your liver to store fat, which can lead to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease – a condition rarely seen prior to 1980.
  2. It can lead to heart disease and increase your risk of type 2 diabetes
    Chronically high insulin levels cause the muscle cells around each blood vessel in your arteries to grow faster than normal, leading to high blood pressure.
  3. It plays havoc with cholesterol levels
    Recent studies show people consuming the highest level of added sugars also recorded the biggest spike in levels of unhealthy cholesterol, and the lowest levels of healthy cholesterol levels.
  4. It’s linked with Alzheimer’s disease
    US research linking insulin resistance and high fat diets to Alzheimer’s portrays the condition as a metabolic disease where the brain’s ability to process glucose is damaged.
  5. It turns you into an addict leading to weight gain
    Sugar triggers the release of chemicals – opioids and dopamine – that activate the brain’s pleasure centre. It doesn’t take long to acquire a tolerance, meaning you need larger doses.

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