It’s also the first day of spring! Which means….. summer is around the corner. Eeeek, time to really focus on those fitness goals!

Losing fat isn’t easy…I don’t have to tell you that. When I get overwhelmed with all the things on my plate, my husband always asks me, “How do you eat an elephant?” The answer is ONE BITE AT A TIME. This can be applied to any project or goal you are tackling, including weight loss! You can’t lose 10 lbs in a week, but you can start chipping away at those calories that will add up to 10 lbs. You can start with little changes that will result in big, habit-forming ways that will lead you to success.

So what if you could drop 100 calories or more per day by making a single change to your meal or snack? It is possible – you’ve just got to know where to swap. Check out the list below to find out easy swaps that will drop 100 calories from your daily intake.

BUT FIRST, let me say that if want to reduce body fat, start by cutting down the sugar in your diet. Sugar encourages fat storage by causing your insulin levels to rise. This includes your morning cafecito! A few weeks of cortadito sin azucar and you’ll wonder how you ever enjoyed such sweet coffee.

Ready? Get swapping!

#1: From 2 Slices of Bread to 1

No, you don’t have to give up bread altogether. If you want to quickly watch 100 calories slide off your meal, all you’ve got to do is toss the top piece of bread from your sandwich or the top bun from your burger. It may require a bit of balancing on your part, but it will instantly save you 100 calories and help that loaf of bread go twice as far.

#2: From Cream to Nonfat Milk

Have a hard time taking your coffee straight? You’re not alone. Not interested in giving up coffee altogether? Then you’re going to need to find a new option to the creamer-heavy concoction you make on a daily basis. The easiest solution is to swap out your creamer for milk. Lucky for you, this small swap pays off big, cutting 100 calories from your morning jolt.

#3: From Juice to the Real Thing

Orange juice is a staple of many folks’ breakfast routines. What if you tossed the juice and went for the real thing—a genuine, bona fide orange? You probably already guessed that this, too, would shave a lot of calories from your meal. At the same time, you’ll get more fiber to keep your day moving along well.

#4: From Shake to Milk

When the stress of life gets to you, few things help you forget about your troubles better than a chocolate milkshake. Unfortunately, that shake leaves you feeling bloated and for good reason. It’s jam packed with calories. Get the same chocolate comfort with a glass of chocolate milk instead of a shake and cut out at least 100 calories.

#5: From Bacon to…Bacon

What if there was a way to have your bacon and eat it, too—without quite as many calories? There is. Going for an ounce—yes, just one ounce—of maple turkey bacon instead of the pork version will shave more than 100 calories from your daily consumption. And it’s just as tasty!!

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