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November 22, 2022

Hello Bootcampers,

Check out this week’s schedule….

Thanksgiving Thursday, we will have 2 morning classes – 5:45am & 10:00am.

Friday we will have one class at 9:15am.

Saturday’s SOLE SISTERS will be at the majestic Key Biscayne bridge at 7am and then 9:00am for our kickboxing class.

Sunday, November 27, will be out last extra workout for the BIGGEST LOSER CHALLENGE! I will send out an email so you can RSVP for this weekend. Furthermore, it’s almost time to get your AFTER photos and measurements done! I will send an email with more detail.

Saturday, Dec 3rd, our very own Christine Vicens will be stepping into the ring for her 2nd bare-knuckle fight. I will send more info about this and how to get tickets!