The weekend is a great time to relax and catch up on needed sleep and housework.  Many also misrepresent the weekend as a time to let loose in their dietary habits.

Here’s a great visual representation of what might go wrong when you “LET LOOSE” on the weekends.  

To lose 1lb in a week, you must restrict your current calorie intake by 3500 for that week.

400 calories deficit x 4 days = -1600 calories 

2000 calorie surplus on the weekend = +2000 calories

TOTAL of 400 calories = no weight loss!  

Weight/fat loss is a lot like math.  If you’re intaking more calories than you are expending, your body stores the excess for a rainy day.  To lose weight, you have to get your body to dip into those stores by eating less, exercising more, or both.  ​

The 80/20 rule can & should apply when you want to maintain your weight, but NOT if you’re looking to shed some unwanted fat!

CONSISTENCY is key, even on Saturday!  It’s all about perspective!


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