The plank (which gets its name from a stiff board) is a simple, anytime, anywhere core exercise that can produce some fantastic benefits for the entire body. Yes – the whole body; not just the core muscles. Just ask some of our recent CORE CHALLENGERS!

The classic plank activates the muscles of the abdomen, biceps, shoulders, buttocks, quadriceps, and shins! Moreover, according to the American Council on Exercise, performing the classic plank on a regular basis significantly reduces the risk of lower and upper back pain.

Some other benefits of planking include:

A boost to metabolism: Planks burn more calories than crunches or sit-ups.

Improving core definition: Planking engages all of the major core muscles groups.

Better posture: Planks help to keep your bones and joints in alignment, which encourages good posture.

CONGRATULATIONS to all the bootcampers who stuck through the CORE CHALLENGE from DAY 1 to DAY 7! As you are all winners for completing the challenge, stay tuned as we draw one name from the list to receive a WOFB tee or tank top!

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