Starting Monday…



Here’s how it works…

On Monday, you will hold the plank for 1 minute. Everyday thereafter, you will add 5 seconds to your holding time. You will also do 20 military push ups (to the best of your ability).

So your CORE WEEK should look like this…

Monday – 1:00 plank; 20 push ups
Tuesday – 1:05 plank; 20 push ups
Wednesday – 1:10 plank; 20 push ups
Thursday – 1:15 plank; 20 push ups
Friday -1:20 plank; 20 push ups
Saturday – 1:25 plank; 20 push ups
Sunday – 1:30 plank; 20 push ups

It’s best to do it at the same time each day. I like to do it right before bedtime. Make sure to find an area free of physical and mental distractions. Grab a friend, child or spouse and have them join you.

If you want to participate, add your name to the WhatsApp group chat by clicking the following link:

Record yourself everyday for 7 days and send it to our WhatsApp group chat. WHO’S IN????

We will draw a winner form the participants to win a FREE WOFB tank top or t-shirt. But the best prize of all is a stronger core (& arms)!

This Saturday, July 9, meet us at the TROPICAL PARK track at 7 AM for another amazing sweat session!

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