Who’s turning heads this month???

This girl is…


1. AGE: 33

2. OCCUPATION: Pediatric dental assistant 

3. When did you first start training at WOFB?
I first started training at WOFB in 2018. I had found out about the gym by searching on google/Yelp and came in to sign up as soon as I could. 

4. SPORTS/FITNESS BACKGROUND: I have always been involved in sports growing up and loved being part of a team. One sport that stuck with me and shaped the way for my fitness journey was volleyball. I played throughout high school and my first year in college. It was through volleyball that I was introduced to weight training and I have loved every minute of it. 

5. FAVORITE EXERCISE: squats and deadlifts

6. LEAST FAVORITE EXERCISE: burpees and hip thrusts 

7. What changes have you noticed since joining WOFB?
Since becoming a member of WOFB I have noticed that I have more energy throughout the day to keep up with my family and work life. I feel strong and am more mindful about what I put into my body. I am grateful for WOFB and the coaches and members who push and motivate to do better a little more each day!!! 

We are so proud of you and likewise, we love having you as part of our team!!! Congrats on your gains and your exemplary work ethic! KEEP IT UP!!!

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