The saying “everything in moderation” can be misleading if you try to apply it to everything without really understanding what “moderation” entails for you.

What is considered “moderation” when you’re referring to sugar? and sugary sodas?

One can of soda doesn’t sound like much, BUT 1 can, per day for almost 2 months?  

That’s the equivalent of 455 teaspoons of sugar!!!!!  

This bag of sugar has the equivalent amount of sugar you’d be putting in your body if you had a can of soda (Coca-Cola) every day for 46 days.

One can of Coke has 39 grams of sugar, that’s 9.3 teaspoons per can!!

So what’s your definition of moderation??? It depends what you’re referring to.


Choose water EVERY TIME!  You can’t go wrong with water.  
It has 0 calories, it’s refreshing, it’s necessary and it’s FREE!

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