CONGRATULATIONS to our March superstar, Mariced!!!!

Age: 32

Profession: Licensed clinical social worker

When did you start and how did you hear about WOFB?
I started in June 2021 after I saw my best friends amazing progress. She was clearly physically different but she was also happier. She asked me to try it and after a lot of hesitation, I finally tried it out.

Fitness background: I’ve never liked sports. I’m the artsy person with zero hand-eye coordination. The only fitness activity I used to enjoy was spinning. That’s drastically changed and now.

Favorite exercise: sumo deadlifts

Least favorite exercise: burpees! It’s the reason I’m never late.

Changes in body/health/fitness: I never thought I’d be someone who enjoys running…in fact I always thought that if zombies were real I’d be the first one they’d eat because I couldn’t run. I ran my first 5k last month and haven’t stopped running- it was probably the proudest I’d ever been of myself. My body is changing for the better and I’m well on my way to being the healthiest I’ve ever been physically and mentally.

Mariced, you’re such an inspiration!! First 5K? Wow!! Good for you!!
CONGRATULATIONS on achieving Student of the Month for March 2022. We hope this is one of many more fitness accolades to come! Keep shining!

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