It’s unavoidable…

Work luncheons, boxes of chocolate everywhere you turn, family parties, traveling…. the temptation of eating is EVERYWHERE in December!

It’s no wonder that:

Ok, so let’s establish that few people are watching their waistlines between now and January 1st.  The least I can offer you to help the excess weight gain is this:

  1. If you’re going to eat, CONTROL THE CARBS!
    CARBOHYDRATES, although necessary, are what contribute to most of the weight gain, so eat them strategically over the the holidays.  Don’t deprive yourself, just take in smaller portions. Load up on protein and vegetables – and less rice or bread.

2. Dessert – you see a variety of sweets that you like?  Take a bite size serving of each.  All you need is a taste right??   I mean think about it…  why waste your calories on something that has absolutely no nutritional value?

3. Drink of choice – WATER.  Would you rather eat the calories or drink them?  Plus, what better way to wash everything down and stay refreshed.

Eating is for energy! Remind yourself that eating is about fuel, it’s about providing our bodies with the nutrients and energy needed to be productive as we move and think.  We don’t need much!  Don’t overfill the tank to the point where you’re sluggish and uncomfortable.

BUT ABOVE ALL, have a merry holiday & be safe!

On Sunday, Dec 26, we will be having an outdoor H.I.I.T workout at 9:30am. If you would like to join, please RSVP here, in the comment section below.

11 Responses to “DON’T BE A STATISTIC!”

  1. Elizabeth Martinez Says:

    Hi Rima! Count my sister and I for Sunday! I’m negative 😁

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  2. Maria Namendy Says:

    Sign me up

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  3. Says:

    Hi Rima! Thanks for all the great tips below. Both of our Christmas Eve dinners got cancelled due to both of our families having COVID 😩 so we’ll be free of temptation! (Except at home lol!)

    I’m excited for the Sunday workout! See you then ☺️

    Merry Christmas!!! ❤️💚

    – Marla

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  4. Angela Aguilar Says:

    I’ll be there! 😅Angela A.


  5. Angela Aguilar Says:

    I’ll be there! 😅


  6. Abigail Bert Says:

    I’ll be there Sunday!


  7. Diana Collins Says:

    Sign me up please. Merry Christmas


  8. Lynda Garcia Says:

    Hoping it’s not too late to rsvp! I’ll be there!


  9. Cristy Garcia Says:

    Me! And my mom elly Llanes


  10. Lynda Garcia Says:

    I’m in for Sunday. Not sure if my previous reply was posted?


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