HAPPY MONDAY!!! Results are in….


Reminder to help our Toy Drive if you can – only 7 more days to collect! We have partnered with an amazing foundation in LOTUS HOUSE, a program that helps homeless families (women and children) get back on their feet.


CONGRATULATIONS to Ms. Aguilar, who lost 26 lbs (14.9% of her body weight), in the weight loss category, going from 174 lbs to 148 lbs. Amazing work!

Special shout out to Ms. Galindo who clinched 2nd place losing 22.5 lbs, dropping from 228.5 lbs to 206 lbs (9.8% of her body weight) to claim 2nd place!

In our BODY FAT category, CONGRATULATIONS to Ms. Ospina who dropped 6.9% body fat, from 32.7% to 25.8%. She also lost 20.0 lbs!!! Way to go!

Special shout out to Ms. Munguia who clinched a very close 2nd place, losing 5.52% body fat, slimming down from 35.34% to 29.82% and losing 16.7 lbs!

HUGE CONGRATS to all the bootcampers who persevered until the end of the 12 weeks and reaped the benefits, losing pounds and inches! We are SOOOO proud of you ladies!

C. Cordero,
M. Namendy,
S. Sinclair,
M. Sinclair,
K. Guillaron,
S. Gonzalez
I. Herrera,
O. Lominchar
F. Caris
C. Billie
I. Amaro
E. Gallardo

Stay tuned for more pics when we present these women with their cash prizes!

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