We all make mistakes…  Especially when it comes to our health and fitness.  We procrastinate, we give in to our cravings one too many times, we skip out on exercising…. But whether you missed a week (or more) of workouts or totally blew your promises of eating clean and following the meal plan, all it takes to get back on track is a little motivation.

FIND A GOAL BUDDY!   It can be anyone…someone with whom you share one or more similar fitness goals, a coworker, a loved one, your mom.  Find someone who wants to help you get ahead and exchange numbers.  Make a pact to call or text each other before every workout so you can be accountable.   You can also call each other in those moments of weakness, when you need someone to talk you out of giving in to something you will surely regret.

And this is why we’re here – all of us in the WOFB family.  As a group, we’re part of something greater.  When we work together, amazing things can be achieved.

Let’s use this opportunity we have – being surrounded by hundreds of wonderful, motivated, like-minded women to get ahead.  We are all here with the same purpose – to get healthy and stay healthy so let’s make sure it happens.

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