…kinda like Shark Week, but less scary and good for you!

Starting this Sunday, July 11, we are going to give our core a little more attention each day, for 7 days!

Can you handle 2-4 minutes a day???? That’s all I’m asking! It’s not much at all!

Every day, you will hold the plank for the indicated time. You will increase your hold time by 10 seconds. If you don’t feel you are ready to progress, hold it for the same amount of the time as the previous day. You can struggle, you can drop your knees for a breather, you can scream…. BUT YOU CAN’T GIVE UP!

You will record each session (day & night), and send it to Coach Lorraine via WhatsApp (see her or the front desk for her #). You can also post it on your social media page (IG or Facebook) & tag us @WOFBmiami. We will pick 3 winners to get a FREE Bootcamp t-shirt!

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