I love red watermelon, and of course, the juicier and sweeter, the better. I find myself buying the pre-cut version because I struggle with knowing how to pick a good watermelon. After some research, here’s what I found:


  1. Skin
  2. Stem
  3. Spot
  4. Sound
  5. Scale

  1. S is for SKIN.
    Look for scars. This is evidence that insects have attempted to steal some of its yumminess. Also, look for a dull or matte looking watermelon skin rather than a shiny one which can mean that it isn’t fully ripe yet.

2. S for STEM
Check the watermelon stem to see if it was allowed to ripen long enough. A green stem like the one on the left means that the watermelon was picked too early.

Look for a brown watermelon stem like the photo on the right.

3. S for SPOT

The watermelon spot is the place where the watermelon sat and ripened on the ground under the sun in the field. Look for a watermelon with a creamy yellow spot.

If there isn’t a spot, skip that watermelon. If the watermelon spot is white like the photo of the watermelon on the left, it wasn’t allowed to fully ripen. Choose the one with a yellow spot like the one in the photo on the right.

4. S is for SOUND

Another indication of a ripe watermelon is a hollow sound when you knock or tap on the watermelon. If you hear a ping when you tap, the watermelon isn’t ripe enough yet.

5. S is for SCALE

For the juiciest watermelon, you’ll want to choose one that is heavy for its size. Find two watermelons that are similar in size and compare the two. The heavier one has more liquid inside.

Of course, a larger watermelon will weigh more than a smaller one so compare two that are about the same size.

Bonus Watermelon S’s

Symmetry: Pick a watermelon that looks symmetrical meaning it is an oval or circle without any oddness to the shape.

Softness: Gently press on the watermelon to check for softness. A good watermelon should be firm, not soft.

Seeds: Check the sticker on the watermelon to see if it has seeds or is seedless. Both are good but make sure you check so that you are getting the kind you want.

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