Looking to tame those sugar cravings??


If anyone out there loves sweets as much as I do, then you understand how challenging it is to give up sugar!  Besides the fact that it’s everywhere, it’s also hiding in places we least expect (sauces, dips, bread, milk, etc), so be sure to CHECK YOUR LABELS!

Furthermore, there’s no denying that we all get sugar cravings every now and then, and some more than others.  So what is a girl to do when she is trying to eat right AND keep her sweet tooth in check?!

Here are 3 ways I’ve learned to help curb the cravings when they rear their ugly heads:

1 – CINNAMON ….  Yes, I sprinkle it everywhere!  I usually turn to coffee when I get hungry (but it’s not time to eat), and I sprinkle some cinnamon in my coffee.  Works wonders.

2 – GUM OR MINTS…OR BOTH!  And I don’t mean the sugar-free kind either!  Well, sometimes you just have to give in and have the sugar….but not too much of it.  I keep a little box of Tic Tacs handy and that helps – plus it freshens my breath!

3 –  POPSICLES – Again, sometimes you just need the sugar, and a little bit will do.  I don’t usually buy anything that is artificially sweetened, but if you don’t mind it, even better for your calorie count.  One of these popsicles is 40 calories.  If you opt for the sugar-free kind, it’s only 15 calories per serving.

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