Make a wish!

Whatever you wish for or ask the universe to grant you, the underlying motive is always HAPPINESS.  Think about it….  money, a new career, a fitness model body, Prince Charming, etc….  these are all vehicles we think will lead us to living happier lives.

However, being happy starts from within.  Being happy is a state of mind, an attitude.  It’s an “inside job” that begins with how we view ourselves and our surrounding.  It’s being honest with ourselves and trying to maintain a positive attitude in every situation.

Here are some helpful hints to staying fit…mentally.

1. Learn to say no

It can be hard to say no – especially when that person is close to you.  But how can you care for others, if you are not well.  YOU are responsible for caring for yourself, so if you’re at your rope’s end because you’re always trying to help everyone else, redirect your focus on making your needs a priority first.  You may feel guilty initially, but you need to acknowledge that you can’t please everyone, all the time.

2. Let go of comparisons

We all have different strengths! Comparing yourself to someone else, such as saying, “I’m doing the same training but not seeing the same results as her” creates self-doubt. Remember that everyone has their own strengths and differences, and everyone’s journey is different.

Next time you are about to compare yourself, STOP and think of something you’re good at or something you’ve recently achieved. This can help you embrace a more positive mindset!  FOCUS ON THE POSITIVE! Social media has made it really hard to avoid comparing ourselves and our lives to others, but just know – appearances are just that, appearances… IT IS NOT REAL LIFE! Don’t let Instagram fool you!

3. Look for the positives

START EVERY MORNING with a positive thought.  Find something to be thankful for.  Even on days when you feel everything’s gone wrong, there is still something you can be thankful for – focus on that!  Make a habit of appreciating the good around you and you’ll soon notice your mindset changing and becoming happier.

4. Educate yourself on areas you want to improve

I’m sure you ladies know that I believe education is incredibly important!  Self-education can help you to feel happier because it increases your confidence.

That doesn’t mean you have to go back to school and study.  Do your own research, sign up for a short class or ask someone to teach you. Learning a new skill or understanding something of interest can be a great boost to your self-esteem.

5. Do more of what you love

It’s so obvious, isn’t it?  When you do things you enjoy, you feel happier!  If you love reading, try to read more.  Get into bed 30 minutes earlier than usual and read.  Do you love taking a walk at sunset?  Plan your dinner before sunset and enjoy a stroll after your meal.

Do things that help to recharge your mental batteries and you’ll find that stress and other pressures diminish.  Small actions like these can make a big difference to your happiness level!

While these steps are no ‘quick-fixes’ for finding happiness, it’s a great start!

3 Responses to “BE HAPPY!”

  1. Says:

    Rima, I must say this you’re fantastic. I can so relate to this message. And when you accept and change especially when it came to saying No and stop comparing yourself to others and accept yourself for who you are, you definitely begin to love yourself even more and just overall be a happier person and most importantly FREE! Love you, thank you for always keeping us updated… most of us like myself actually read them 😘 – Dimary Sent from my iPhone



  2. jessica cruz Says:

    I love this. Thank you 😊

    Jessica Cruz



  3. Christina Espinel Says:

    This is a GREAT post! 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

    Warmest regards,

    -Christina Espinel



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