1. Take the week by storm!
  2. Send in your March miles for last week….3 more days left to hit that target!

6 Responses to “REMINDER….”

  1. Annery Gonzalez Says:

    Hi Rima! From Runkeeper the sum of my miles from last week is 7.81 Annery

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  2. viviana aspuru Says:

    Hi!!! Here’s mine   

    Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone


  3. Says:

    My March Goal = 31 miles

    My March Actual Distance = 46.4

    Thank you,

    Marianne Benitez Ruiz

    Operations Manager

    Ruiz Trans Development Corporation

    12491 SW 134th Court, Unit 24

    Miami, FL 33186

    Office# (786) 464-9056

    Fax# (786) 551-2451


  4. viviana aspuru Says:

    Hi Rima. Is there a workout this weekend? 

    Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone


  5. Rima Avellan Says:

    Hi! Yes there is. The email is probably in your junk folder.


  6. Says:

    Hi Rima! I don’t think I ever sent my final screenshot for the full month of March. See below! Thanks for a super fun workout yesterday 🥰

    Sent from my iPhone



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