Let’s simplify the process….



Fad diets come and go! Most of them aren’t sustainable for the long term anyway, so why not just get used to eating clean everyday??

Meal planning can get scientific and time-consuming… but it can also be quite simple! You decide! The bottom line is this…. EAT LESS CALORIES (FUEL) THAN YOUR BODY NEEDS AND YOU’RE AHEAD!!! Log into your LoseIt or FitnessPal app and let it do the math for you. Find out how many calories your body needs per day based on your current weight, activity level and goal weight and go from there. Keep in mind that quality of food is just as important as quantity – meaning count your macronutrients (carbs, fats and proteins) when counting your calories.

Here’s a simple guide to what your meals should look like (more or less):

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