I’m certain I speak for many on this issue…. Human trafficking has no place in our existence! It affects all populations: adults, children, men, women, foreign nationals and U.S. citizens, and all economic classes – AND IT HAS TO BE STOPPED! 

Awareness leads to change!

To do our part, we are helping one of our bootcampers, from the Coral Gables Woman’s Club, collect new and gently used bras for their March “bra drive” to benefit “Free the Girls” organization.

“Free the Girls” is an organization that exists to help women rescued from sex trafficking reintegrate into their communities.

We will be collecting bras until the end of March to help out. This is a great opportunity to assist an international organization focused on providing sex trafficking survivors a path to financial freedom.

For more information on Free The Girls: Fight Human Trafficking, please visit their website at freethegirls.org

ALSO, the 8am CLASS IS FULL for this Sunday!

2 Responses to “WOMEN HELPING WOMEN”

  1. viviana aspuru Says:

    Hi RimaPlease write me in for the 7:00 class Sunday. Guess I must have missed previous email. 



  2. Gabriela Rivera Says:

    Hi Rima,

    Schedule me for Sunday class at 7am please.

    Thank you,


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