HELLO 2021!


It’s DAY 3 of this beautiful new year and I’m wondering who has taken the time to sit down and…

1. Write down some GOALS for 2021.
(don’t look at them as New Year’s Resolutions… that tradition usually doesn’t last past February).
2. Evaluate 2020. What were the highlights? What can be improved?
3. Be grateful.

2 Responses to “HELLO 2021!”

  1. Christina Espinel Says:

    Meeee!!! Wanna see my list? Of course you do!

    1. Grow my new business with love and all the passion that drove me to do it in the first place.

    2. Get photoshoot ready, listen to my body and treat it with kindness, rest when it’s called for, meditate and yoga once a week.

    3. Give people the priceless gift of my full attention and focus, especially my hubby.

    4. Use my planner to create an organized day/ week

    Warmest regards,

    -Christina Espinel


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