If there is one tip I can offer someone who is looking to lose weight, it would be to

Choose water over juice and soda every time!  You will never be disappointed.  Besides the many benefits to staying hydrated through out the day, you spare your body loads of sugar & unnecessary chemicals.

If you’re looking to fruit juice to get your daily dose of vitamins, why don’t you opt for the whole fruit instead?

Myth: 100% Fruit Juice Is The Same As a Whole Fruit

Fruits and vegetables can provide our bodies with a wide variety of nutrients. One of the most nutritious parts of a fruit is the pulp and skin, because they contain fiber (which is important for digestive health).  When we buy fruit juice from the grocery store, the pulp and skin are often removed during processing, so ultimately you are left with a bottle of fruit sugar. While there is nothing wrong with fruit sugars when eaten in the right amounts, drinking bottled juice can make it super easy to consume a lot of it in a short period of time.

So what about homemade juices?

When you eat an apple for a mid-morning snack, you generally just eat one, right? However, when you make an apple or orange juice, you might add two, three or even four whole fruit to create a decent amount of juice. This dramatically increases the amount of fruit you are consuming at once.  When you eat the whole fruit, including the peel and pulp, the fiber it contains can help your body to break it down more slowly and also tell your brain when you have had enough. Because juice can be drunk much faster, your body may not be able to recognise these cues to the same extent as eating the whole fruit.

Yes, fruit does contain a number of beneficial ingredients but don’t be fooled by fancy packaging and marketing of juices!



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