Happy March 1st!

I wanted to share a very real and inspiring depiction of the actual timeline for getting fit and losing weight.  I get so bothered by some of the misleading ads out there –



Get JLo’s butt with 30 days of squats!

These make my blood boil.  Why?  Because I know that these ads are preying on that sizable population that has very little knowledge of what it actually takes to get and look fit!  It’s normal to want to take the path of least resistance.  But life doesn’t work that way!  Only those who work, and work hard for something, will reap the rewards.  It takes months of clean, and often, restrictive eating.  It takes months of consistent physical exercise.  It takes months of patience and reassurance that everything you’re doing is leading to the desired results!  Don’t be discouraged by work – enjoy it!  The harder you work, the greater the reward.  Happy Sunday!


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