…If so, you’re not alone.

So why is it that when the sun goes down, it seems like we want to eat anything we can get our hands on?

When you’re tired, everything works at a much slower pace, including your will to resist.  After a long day of work, mothering duties, exercise, dealing with people, etc… you just want to sit in front of the TV to unwind for a few minutes before you go to bed…. and that’s when the munchies set in!


  1. Eat well throughout the day so that you’re not ravenous when you get home.  FOLLOW YOUR MEAL PLAN!
  2. Limit the amount of junk food available in your home or remove it altogether.  OUT OF SIGHT, OUT OF MIND!  This one is HUGE!
  3. Take up a hobby that you can do at home so you can busy yourself with something other than watching TV and eating at night…writing, assembling model cars, painting, etc..
  4. Go to bed at a reasonable hour to avoid getting too hungry.
  5. USE DISCIPLINE – just don’t do it!  Keep your goals close and remind yourself why you’re doing this.  Think of how you’ll feel in the morning, knowing you gave in!  Whatever motivates you, use it when you’re most vulnerable.
  6. Brush your teeth!  This one helps me.  Plus, have you ever tried to eat something right after?  Ew.
  7. Keep “FREE” snacks on hand … cucumber spears, celery sticks, green/yellow/red pepper slices, sugar-free gum, boiled egg whites, air popped popcorn.

Keep up your efforts, you won’t regret it!  …because every drop in the bucket counts!

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