Wow, we dodged a big one ladies.  I can’t emphasize enough how grateful I am that we are safe and out of harm’s way.  On the flip side, the damage caused by this hurricane is absolutely heart-breaking.  It has demolished an entire island, turning the lives of its victims upside down.  I can’t wrap my head around all the damage.  It’s so sad!

Here’s what we can do to help:

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This SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 7, SOLE SISTERS will be tackling the ups and downs of our beautiful Key Biscayne bridge!   If you’ve never run this one before, it’s a MUST.  Breathtaking views, and miles of incline and decline for great strengthening & cardio gains.


Meet us in the parking lot immediately before the start of the bridge at 6:59AM.  There is ample parking and it’s free of charge.  In case of rain, we meet at FIU in our favorite garage.  Check back here for location changes closer to the date.


HOW’S IT HANGING?  (No pun intended, lol!)

If you registered for the HangWoman Challenge back in August, GET READY to show off your progress!!!
Can you hang?  And if so, for how long??? 

Screen Shot 2019-08-01 at 1.13.32 PM

This SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 8, is the day you’ve been working towards.  Our LIVE HangWoman Challenge will be taking place at 9AM, followed by a fun and intense outdoor workout for all participants.  We ask that competitors arrive 15 minutes early to sign in and warm up.

Contest will start immediately after the rules review at 9AM so please don’t be late.  

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