to register for the Hang(Wo)man Challenge!

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This Friday, August 9th is the last day to register for the competition taking place on Sunday, September 8th @ 9AM.  After the LIVE competition, there will be a 60-minute outdoor, HIIT workout for all the participants!

Disclaimer: Although it’s a competition, it’s a FRIENDLY one!  Sometimes, a little pressure takes us a long way!  Win or lose, you will be stronger and fitter than you are right now at the end of the 30 days!

To REGISTER, check your inbox for the email.




Forecast is looking a little wet for the next few days but hopefully we can get our run in first.  This Saturday, August 10, meet us in Coconut Grove @ 7am SHARP, across from Greenstreet Cafe (3468 Main Hwy, Miami, 33133) for a scenic run that may (or may not) end with a scrumptious breakfast.  Parking is FREE until 10am.

In case of rain, we will redirect to our sheltered workout at FIU.  Check back here for last minute updates.

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