Today is a good day to remind ourselves that we have a responsibility to protect our planet and those who share it with us.  Here are 4 ways to help your environment on Earth and everyday:

  1. Recycle.  You can help reduce pollution just by putting that soda can or plastic bottle in a different bin. If you’re trying to choose between two products, pick the one with the least packaging. If an office building of 7,000 workers recycled all of its office paper waste for a year, it would be the equivalent of taking almost 400 cars off the road.
  2. Carpool, walk or ride. Walk or ride your bike to work, school and anywhere you can. You can reduce greenhouse gases while burning some calories and improving your health. If you can’t walk or bike, carpool. Every car not on the road makes a difference.
  3. Compost. Think about how much trash you make in a year. Reducing the amount of solid waste you produce in a year means taking up less space in landfills, so your tax dollars can work somewhere else. Plus, compost makes a great natural fertilizer. Composting is easier than you think.
  4. Turn off lights when you’re not in the room and unplug appliances when you’re not using them.  It only takes a second to be environmentally conscious.

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