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April 2, 2019


Ladies, today is the last day to register for the Twilight 5K for $20.  Starting tomorrow (until May 3rd), race fees jump to $30 per runner.

CLICK HERE –> REGISTER if you want to join the fun!


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Today marks DAY 43 in our 12-week CALENDAR CHALLENGE – just under the halfway point.  This Sunday, April 7th is our 4th extra workout.  PLEASE RSVP for either 7am or 8am.

Aside from another awesome workout, we will be conducting weigh-ins and “halfway photos” for most, so bring your 2-piece outfits.  More so, at 9:15am, I will be giving an informal, but very helpful talk on nutrition – more specifically, how to determine the number of calories you need daily for weight loss, maintenance or weight gain, and how to break those calories down into the specific macronutrients (carbs/proteins/fats).  DON’T MISS THIS if you’ve plateaud or need help with your eating!