Meet us at our favorite FIU spot this SATURDAY, MARCH 2nd!!

Be there at 6:59am, ready to sweat and push through a calorie-scorching, leg- and booty- burning, muscle-building fitness challenge!

A killer workout, guaranteed to leave you feeling accomplished, and pleasantly sore.

(If you are new to FIU and need more info re: meeting spot, comment below.)


And then later on that day, if you want to learn some great martial arts and self-defense techniques, Coach Edir will be conducting a Muay Thai seminar at FFA @ 2PM.

Muay Thai (or Thai boxing) is kickboxing that originated in Thailand and is used everywhere in the world, including right here, in our bootcamp – the Friday and Saturday kickboxing classes!!  It is as an effective martial art & that’s why you’ll see it being used in the sport of MMA (mixed martial arts), namely in the UFC.  It is referred to as the art of eight limbs, as it encompasses kicking and punching not only with the hands and feet, but also using the elbows and knees.  JOIN US!!!


2 Responses to “SOLE SISTERS & MUAY THAI!”

  1. Yade Says:

    Where by FIU do you meet?


  2. Yiliani Says:

    Please need more info , Im new to FIU


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