Today is the first day of our GET YOUR BODY CALENDAR-READY Challenge!

This means that today is DAY 1 of many things…

If this is your first challenge with us, this day may represent DAY 1 of the beginning of a new lifestyle.  You are embarking on a health and fitness journey to learn to adhere to better eating habits and more regular exercise.  The hope is that the next 12 weeks become….forever!

Some of you have been waiting for this challenge to buckle down from 2018…and that’s OK.  These challenges are meant to motivate and help us get back on track!  Staying ultra focused and maximally disciplined all the time is not always realistic.

If you are already happily on a life-long journey of health and fitness, you may just need a bit of tweaking with your eating.  Now is the time.

So today we will observe it as DAY 1 of a NEW LEVEL OF DISCIPLINE.  We are in search of how strong we can be, mentally and physically.  We are looking to dig deep and take our motivation and focus to a whole new level…one we didn’t even know existed within us.  Once we find it…then we have to maintain that for at least 90 days!  Are you ready????   Let’s do it!




2 Responses to “DAY 1 – NEW LEVEL OF DISCIPLINE”

  1. jessica lazo Says:

    Please sign me up for 7 am workout!


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