It’s cold!!!   At least by Miami standards it is….but don’t let the weather stop you from getting those workouts in!

What a fun and busy weekend we had.

On Friday night, Coach Jason won by knockout in the most entertaining and one-sided fight!  It was a spectacular end to the night.  Coach Jason moves to 12-0 and gets one step closer to getting into the UFC!  Here’s a clip of the last 22 seconds if you missed it:

Feel free to share the video so we can increase his exposure!

Next, we had some bootcampers run in the Miami Marathon this past weekend.  CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF YOU!!!  Some of these women ran their first marathon and we couldn’t be prouder!!!   We also had Coach Che and FFA instructor Coach Jorge run as well.  AWESOME JOB EVERYONE!!!

Cristina C      Stephanie T      Jane L
Florence M      Nikki H
Marianne B     Annery G
Conchita F     Luisa C



One Response to “HAPPY MONDAY (Brrrrr!)”

  1. Nikki Says:

    Thank you Rima for all your support and kind words. You’re the sweetest 🙂


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